Tuesday, January 3, 2017

40 people evacuated: – the School is totalskadd – NRK

People who live in the vicinity of the school are evacuated to the Liland nursing home. These are the people who are affected by the smoke from the fire, ” says Knut Horn, police sergeant at Evenes, Tjeldsund and Skånland sheriff’s office to NRK.

the Fire, which was reported to emergency services just before at 6 Tuesday morning, broke out in a separate building attached to the school via an outside time.

– According to people on site, there are parts of the school which is not affected by the flames. Nevertheless, the school is totalskadd.

It is currently, it is too early to say anything about brannårsak.

eventually, when the fire is out, we will be able to go in and look for brannårsak. Both police and fire will be on site as long as there is fire and smoke, ” says Horn.

– Fortunately calm

the Principal Kjersti Markusson at the school were among the first on the scene.

– I stood in the bathroom and looked out the window that there was a lot of smoke from where the school is located. When I awakened my husband, jumped in clothes and ran out, she says to NRK.

How was the sight that met you?

It is a wing that is totalskadd, and that they let burn down. There are not many metres to the administration building which is located next to, and where the jobs the fire department to extinguish. Fortunately it is calm here at Liland, ” says the principal.

the School at Liland in Evenes is overtent and totalskadd.

Photo: Ragnar Bøifot / Forward / NTB scanpix


Local firefighters have assistance from the fire brigade at the airport at Evenes, located ten-minute drive away.

According to the police innsatsleder on the spot, Frank Formo, is skolefløyen as good as burned down.

the Fire department is working to prevent further spread.

– the administration building and the library are covered by foam to prevent the fire to spread there, ” says Formo to come.

Liland school has around 150 pupils from 1.- to 10.-class. School should start up teaching after the christmas holidays on Wednesday 4. January.

Discovered the fire from the stairs

Former student at Liland high school, Henriette Berg Olafsen, was the one who discovered the fire.

– I stood on the stairs just before the clock to 06: 00 and then smoke. I did not see properly what it was, so I drove the car down to the school. Then I saw the sudden flames, ” says Olafsen.

She notified the fire department, which responded and notified the neighbors about the fire. Olafsen went even out of school five years ago.

It is a little strange to see it happening now. The school is completely burned down.

the Fire was reported just before at 6 Tuesday morning.

Photo: 03030-referrer

the Neighbors to the school were evacuated as a result of the fire.

Photo: 03030-referrer


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