Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One arrested after deaths at Lørenskog – VG

LØRENSKOG (VG) A is charged with kroppsskade to death after a person was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

It was around 14: 00 the police received a message about a suspicious death at Fjellhamar in Lørenskog in Akershus, norway. A person is arrested and charged with gross kroppsskade to death.

There is a familial relationship between the pågrepne and the deceased, informs the police in a press release. Police are investigating the case is wide, but say they are not seeking more gjerningspersoner.

Two police officers are on Tuesday night duty outside the residence, where paper ornaments still hanging in the windows.

VG get stated that there is an older couple that live there.

They were very kind and quiet people, there was never anything with them. It is a shock, says people in the neighbourhood, VG has talked with.

They say there was never any noise in the house.

It is shocking.

another neighbor says that it was quiet also on Tuesday morning and afternoon, and that they did not realized that it had happened some time before the politisperringene was set up.

VG was Tuesday night in contact with politiadvokat Peter Ristan in the Eastern police district said it was not appropriate to comment further at the present time because all the relatives foreøpig was not notified.

VG comes back with more.


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