Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Miljøbyråd: Not dieselforbud in Oslo Wednesday – NRK

I will first thank those who have contributed today, ” says miljøbyråd Lan Marie Nguyen Berg on the telephone in Dagsnytt Eighteen Tuesday afternoon.

She confirms that dieselforbudet now revoked with immediate effect.

– We see that it has worked and that we have 31 per cent fewer diesel cars over the barrier. And it is, I’m very happy. I also think there are very many children and seniors with asthma who have had a better day today because of it, ” says Berg.


Tuesday it was introduced kjøreforbud for diesel cars in Oslo. The result was, overall, a decline of 10 per cent in road traffic on Tuesday morning compared to Monday morning, according to figures from the bomstasjonsoperatøren Fjellinjen.

the Professionals at Bymiljøetaten in Oslo, norway has just decided that we can end dieselforbudet with immediate effect, and that we will be sending out information about. I want to thank very for that people have let the car stand today, for we know that air pollution is a very big issue, ” says Berg.

According to the Bymiljøetaten have the air quality in the capital generally been good throughout the Tuesday, with the exception of some highly congested areas where there was moderate pollution in the morning rush hour.

the Weather today has been different than the weather that was forecast yesterday and the morning today. There has been little wind, but no precipitation and little inversion, called it forth from the agency.

Not necessary

transport minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp) says dieselforbudet now emerging as an unnecessary measure.

It appears now that it was not necessary. It was reported that the air was better than what we were already in the day early. But I totally agree with the parent here, which is that we need to get good air everywhere, ” he says.

What should Berg have done if you think it was not necessary?

– We have left it to the kommunepolitikerne to take their decisions for their city. But my conservative party colleagues would probably chosen the more sweeping of the streets and lower price or free public transport. We would enough emphasis is placed on the type of measures that do not make everyday life impossible for people who only have a diesel car, ” he says.

Possible the weather has the distinction

Yesterday Raymond Johansen is very satisfied with the result.

– Was it necessary?

– Yes, the indication showed that without action today, would the air in Oslo have been harmful. That it was not there are enough of those with asthma and allergiplager particularly happy, ” he says, and states that the municipality of Oslo are now to consider the effect, along with meteorologists and NILU.

the Ban on diesel cars has led to reduced emissions, ” says research director Leonor Tarrasón Norwegian institute for air research.

– It is dieselbilene that pollute the most. We know not yet how much the weather has played into, ” she says.

It is unclear if it was ban or væromslaget which has the distinction that the air quality on Tuesday was far better than when the ban was first notified.

I think it is difficult to conclude whether it is the weather or dieselforbudet that has the given effect, ” says rich statsmeteorolog Eldbjørg Moxnes.


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