Monday, January 16, 2017

- Stopped the agreed masseslagsmål – Bergens Tidende

Youngsters from Fana and Loddefjord shall have met to fight.

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the Police report at the 19 time that they have control of more young people by Slåtthaughallen. Young people should have agreed to meet to fight.

” We got a phone clock 17.33, from a person who said it was a fight, and that people from Loddefjord would “take them”. We also got a portion of messages from the witnesses, who among other things told about the disposal of ice lumps and a baseball bat. It was described that around 20 young people were gathered at the entrance to the Slåtthaughallen, says operasjonsleder Terje Magnussen in the West standings.

– Broken route with the bat

the Police were quickly on the spot with several patrols.

Then ran the boys in all directions. Several patrols searched the area in cars and on foot and got control on some youngsters – including the two that were mentioned in connection with this bat. The bat was also thrown through a pane of Slåtthaughallen as they ran. The window shattered, ” says Magnussen.

He does not know anyone to have been seriously injured in fight began.

A boy was bleeding from the face after a stroke. If any of them got damaged, we have not overview of the.

– Two districts met

the Police quickly got the information that it should have been to talk about an agreed brawl between young people from Blackpool and Loddefjord.

Witnesses shall also have overheard that this was agreed upon, ” says Magnussen.

Here, meet teens to fight. Several have met up to look at.

last autumn, confirmed the police that they knew of ungdomsmiljøer who ran with the agreed upon fights. At least one brawl was filmed and posted on social media.

I have no overview here and now if this is the same groups as in the past, ” says Magnussen.

Some of the boys, the police got hold of was rushed to the barnevernsvakten. Others were picked up by parents after they were notified by the police.

– violence

Politiadvokat Alexander Gonzalo Harness I currently have a case in which a 17-year-old, ” I to have turned down seven men in the centre of Bergen, in the course of three quarters of an hour. 17-year-old should be central in a violent ungdomsmiljø where more people go together to fight.

last year, flared it up more cases where gjengvold in Bergen, was filmed and posted on social media. According to the Dairy are involved from ungdomsskolealder and upwards. The problem should be greatest in Fana and Bergen to the west.

– It is pretty rough violence. Often several together against one, and they stop like not even if the person is lying down. If it had not been for gjerningspersonenes young age, would prison been a natural reaction, ” says Harness.

– Strong experience

According to the police, they have seen examples of it taken money from the spectators. Even if the violence is rough, it is not as prevalent with weapons.

– It seems that that part of the purpose is to demonstrate the raw strength, and that the man is physically superior, ” says politiadvokaten.

Bjørg Plain, head of the been in the county of Hordaland, says they have had several issues with ungdomsvold.

– A meeting between the parties can be a very powerful experience. It’s about realizing what one has done, and take the consequences of it. Although one can be tough in a gang, one is not necessarily the when to apologize face to face, ” says Plain.


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