Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diesel car-ban: – Far away from the “red”level – VG

the snowweather in the Tuesday morning meant that it glowed green all measurements of air quality in Oslo. The forecast ahead is uncertain in the capital, where dieselbilforbudet now is the time.

Oslo woke up to snow this morning. It has impacts on the air quality in the capital where it is right now is kjøreforbud for diesel cars.

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– the snowweather gave a temporary improvement in the situation, but it seems that the weather now is changing, and it may mean that the pollution will rise. At Smestad and Hjortnes is it on the way up. We must follow how this develops, but it is far away from the red-level yet, ” says kommunikasjonsjef in the NILU (Norwegian institute for air research), Christine F. Solbakken to VG.

What makes this so uncertain is that the weather is a very powerful influencing part of this, and at the same time we do not know exactly how many diesel cars that are running today. So there are two uncertain forces acting into the situation, ” she explains.

<p>STOP: the State public roads administration controls the cars by the frogner park as part of Tuesday's dieselforbud. It is notified several controls in Oslo on Tuesday. Those who break the ban risk 1500 dollars in fees. Here is the Norwegian public roads administration in action by oslo's frogner park on Tuesday morning. </p>

STOP: the State directorate of public roads checking the vehicles at the frogner park as part of Tuesday’s dieselforbud. It is notified several controls in Oslo on Tuesday. Those who break the ban risk 1500 dollars in fees. Here is the Norwegian public roads administration in action by oslo’s frogner park on Tuesday morning.


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Cold air on the ground

It will be exciting to see now, is about inversjonen going to clog up again. It will affect the situation very. We got a little break now in the morning, but it doesn’t look like it held.

VG mean: Yes to dieselfrie days

Inversion means that the air is warmer the higher up you get, while the cold air will settle to the ground. Thus, the pollution is “trapped” by the ground.

the air quality is measured continuously, and the audience can follow the development of their respective regions on this page. It is updated approximately once in an hour.

From the clock 06 Tuesday morning, it was prohibited to run the diesel car on municipal road in Oslo. MDG-commissioner Lan Marie Nguyen Berg said Monday night to the VG that it is impossible to say how long the ban is going to last.

<p>OFFERSÅD: Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) can not make any claims about the når diesel-sjåfører can kjøre in Oslo again. </p>

city COMMISSIONER: Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) can not give any promises about when the diesel-drivers can run in Oslo again.

Photo: Frode Hansen, VG

– We follow the situation continuously. But what we do know, is that when it is the type of weather conditions that we have now, with warm air on top of cold air, so it may take a little time to get foruresningen to go down. I hope that we get it as soon as possible, for it is properly dangerous when it gets like that as it is now, said Berg.

Still danger

on Tuesday morning, there are no plans to ease kjøreforbudet for diesel cars in Oslo municipality:

– There have been some snow that was not notified, but it is expected to give soon. We have an ongoing dialogue with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and that we get lit is that the rainfall will not be of great importance for eksosforurensningen, ” says Alise Davidsen, communications director in the Bymiljøetaten.

– It is still expected little wind both today and in the morning, and there is a risk of high concentrations of exhaust fumes. At the same time says værprognosene still that there will be improvement and more wind from Thursday morning.

the on-duty meteorologist Nina Larsgaard by the Norwegian Meteorological institute says that in the morning will send up a værsone, which will give some clearer answers on how the situation develops.

” We got a snowfall which came much earlier than notified. It may have had a small effect on the forurensningsnivået, but this will anyway give up now, ” says Larsgaard.

the Rest of the day today there will be interruptions and no change in the weather. We will have inversions, i.e. the warm air that lies like a lid on the cold air, both today and tomorrow. Thursday it notified more wind, so when it comes to breaking up.


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