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Byråden about søppelkritikken: – the Situation has not been acceptable – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): At a press conference in the morning did the Red leader Bjørnar Moxnes it clear that he will promote the vote of confidence against the Lan Marie Ngyuen Berg (MDG), the commissioner for environment and transport in Oslo municipality, if she terminates the agreement with renovasjonsselskapet Veireno.

Alerts mistrust of the Lan: - Nødress på astray was the nail in the coffin

Moxnes requires that the agreement be raised from 1. January 2018, and that a new scheme should be in place by that time.

We alerts today that if the city council decides to terminate the contract with Veireno within Rødts proposals are processed in the city council, so have not Red anymore trust samferdselsbyråden, confirmed Moxnes of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet tigliere in the day.

Now answer byråden on the criticism and says that the city council will have to consider the case on an ongoing basis.

- We need to restore people’s confidence

- My first priority has always been to bring order to avfallsinnhentingen in Oslo, and it will still be to come. Red will rekommunalisere waste handling activities, but it has so far not been the majority in the city council. The proposal is now to the treatment of the city council and shall be treated in the ordinary way, say Lan Marie Ngyuen Berg to the Newspaper.

She tells us that the city council did not know about Rødts notice to distrust, before it was presented at 12: 00 in the morning.

Just after the went Paul A. Sommernes of as the leader of the Renovasjonsetaten in Oslo municipality, on the initiative of the commissioner Lan Marie Ngyuen Berg.

- Byrådsavdelingen have been in contact with the director about this over several days. The decision is taken on the basis of a holistic assessment. The situation has been of such a place, and persisted over a sufficiently long time, that it is now correct to get a fresh look at the situation, and get new powers into the lead in the Renovasjonsetaten. Now we need to get get the collection of waste in order and restore the people’s trust to Renovasjonsetaten, ” says Berg.

Not acceptable

- What is the responsibility of the opinion byråden the last council has in this matter? Should the contract been concluded on other terms, for example, by the fact that the wages and working conditions was emphasized in a different way?

It is true that we inherited this contract is concluded from the Right-the city council. Now we have commissioned an independent review which will give us answer some of the questions you ask, and that we are sitting on. The situation we’ve ended up in has not been acceptable, and I look forward to bring the experiences from the review and learn what should be different next time.

Lost nødress stopped søppel-retrieval 1728 times. Here is a misplaced nøkkel­set of nine Oslo-buildinåhas over

- If the city council does not terminate the agreement with Veireno, believe Moxnes that it is as to turn the ring around a company with over 300 deviations in the working environment act. How do byråden to this?

the Report from the Inspection I take seriously. So it should not be to work for the municipality of Oslo, and the situation as it is described in the report, was untenable. It is Veireno their responsibility to rectify the violations of the working environment act by the labour Inspection authority has uncovered, and they have conveyed to the agency that the conditions are cleared up. At the same time, it is important for me that Renovasjonsetaten follow developments closely, to ensure that Veirenos employees have a arbeidshverdag, which is in accordance with the law.

- Can the city council really defend to continue the contract with a company that violates the working environment act?

- We do continuous assessment of all aspects of this matter, and also options to terminate all or any part of the contract. But as responsible commissioner for the 660 000 inhabitants of Oslo have a good waste management, won’t I make any hasty decisions in this matter. It is not so that another supplier stands ready to retrieve the waste in the morning, if we were to terminate the contract, say Lan Marie Ngyuen Berg.

She says she has been assured that the situation will be greatly improved in the course of January.

Check søppelkrisa in Oslo gate to gate

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