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Five questions and answers after the first week of the Jensen-trial – VG

Here you get an overview of what happened in the first week of the trial of Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen.

today, it has been decided closed doors at the start of the rettsdagen. It is due to the fact that Eirik Jensen will explain about concrete cases where Gjermund Cappelen shall have contributed with information to the police.

By lunchtime it will be taken an evaluation of whether the doors can be opened again at the end of the rettsdagen. When the court is open, you get continuous updates here.

What is Spesialenhetens evidence that Jensen has received the money from Cappelen?

Spesialenheten for police matters believe Gjermund Cappelen has given Eirik Jensen values for at least 2.1 million dollars. They say there may be more, but that this is the amount they can prove.

They believe the review of the economy for Jensen has shown that he has an unknown source of cash. Spesialenheten think the money comes from Cappelen.

Experts from Økokrim has prepared a report showing that Eirik Jensen in the course of ten years have deposited over one million dollars in cash in their bank accounts. One of the years is it inserted 233.000 money. Some days it made several smaller deposits in different branches.

Spesialenheten have also prepared a report that shows the Jensens kontantkjøp in the period. It is over one million. In addition, the mean Spesialenheten that Cappelen paid for the bathroom in Jensen’s home in 2005 – valued at 292.250 money.

the Police seized also a sum of cash at home with Jensen in 2014 that are added to the calculation.

Eric Jensen says he has had a job and a lifestyle where it has been necessary to keep much cash at home. He has shown to threats from criminals and a secret national project he has been working with the police.

Jensen estimates that he at most had between 300.000 and 400.000 million in cash – at home or at the cottage.

the question Of where the money comes from, the answer Jensen that it is about savings, inheritance, as well as the purchase and sale of cars and motorcycles. He explained that he already in his youth sold smoked eels private. He has also taken dykkeroppdrag which has given him additional income.

Jensen has even explained that he could travel to the Rema 1000 at Eidsvoll to deposit a sum of cash, then travel to the Joker at the Fenstad to put in more money. He rejects, however, that this was done to hide a larger cash payment and says it is a part of the safeguards he has added to himself.

What is the secret project?

Eric Jensen have several times in the explanation accepted into a secret project that he has worked with in the police force from 1989 to 2011.

It led to that I traveled a lot, had secret phones, used markup languages and had secret meeting places. I was also afraid of kontraspaning, said Jensen in the court in Tuesday.

According to Eric Jensen, the project was anchored by riksadvokat Tor-Aksel Busch, and it should only have been one of the top leaders in the police who knew what was going on.

Spesialenheten for police matters has classified the information as secret of the regard to the nation’s security. They are ordknappe when the project is the theme in the right, but confirmed on a direct question from the judge Kim Heger that there was such a project.

What the project was is currently unknown.

How do Spesialenheten that Jensen has contributed to hasjsmugling?

Spesialenheten for police matters believes Eirik Jensen has given Gjermund Cappelen information that have been important for him as hasjsmugler. Among other things, whether police activity, resource position and whether narkotikatransporter is stopped by Customs at the border.

One specific example has already been mentioned in the court: 1. april 1998 was a car with 82 kilos of cannabis resin were suspended on Sunday. Kureren – the driver of the car with hasjlasten – was persuaded to drive to the agreed meeting point, Hotel Bastion in Oslo. Politispanerne waited several hours on that bakmannen was going to show up, but at midnight was the action called off.

Jensen was at work in the politihuset this evening and Gjermund Cappelen has explained that he was warned by Jensen that the transport was revealed. Jensen is not, however, indicted for complicity to the importation of this hasjpartiet.

Eric Jensen has explained that he was on the job for to write a application for my wife on the computer. He denies that he knew of the politiaksjonen.

He denies to have given information to Cappelen about the police activity and says that the information went the opposite way: to him from Cappelen.

Jensen also rejects that he had knowledge to whether or not the Customs service stopped narkotikatransporter on the border. Spesialenheten have in the court referred to reports where it is stated that Jensen, on several occasions, has been commissioned to follow up kureren to expose the criminals.

– It is the information you receive there and then. It is akutthendelser, where I might have been preferred, explained Jensen in court.

How can you explain Eirik Jensen SMS messages?

Spesialenheten for police matters mean messages like “control here”, “set”, “sunshine”, “setting and sun”, “feriemodus across the board”, “the office is thinly staffed,” reported knallvær”, “a man in the ditch, to look at the damage on the car” shows that Jensen has given Cappelen politiinformasjon in the tags.

They will present evidence that shows Jensen’s work plan and activity in the police systems at the same time. Since many of the messages revolve around the weather, they also brought in weather forecast for those days.

Eric Jensen has explained that this is “blomsterspråk”. According to him, there is a recognized method among police officers, which is used in the communication with the informants, sources and agents who work undercover in the field.

According to Jensen was the “blomsterspråket” used because no one would understand that narkokriminelle Gjermund Cappelen had contact with a police officer, if they got access to the mobile phone of his.

Why didn’t Eirik Jensen that Gjermund Cappelen was the criminal?

Spesialenheten for police matters already have several time raised questions about why not Eirik Jensen understood that Cappelen earned his money on crime. He drove around in a BMW 760 to 2.3 million, went on luxury holidays and went with the Rolex clock to 650.000 million.

In large parts of the period will be the police in Asker and Bærum had the suspicion that Cappelen was a storsmugler of marijuana. They also took several politioperasjoner to take him, but had to call off the after suspect that Cappelen had been notified.

Eirik Jensen has been clear that he did not know that Cappelen smuggled hashish. This has led to questions from the judge Kim Heger.

– Why wondered you no more on how Cappelen could have so much information if he ran with the import of watches? asked Heger in court Wednesday.

– It is a challenge. I think there will be more witnesses who can substantiate what I say. It is a balancing act. We have a saying in the police as saying that “the worst are often the best”, said Jensen.

According to Eric Jensen, there was no one in the police who notified him that Cappelen was a crime. He asked, never for yourself.

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