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Breivik’s besøksvenn got SMS before he testified – NRK

Besøksvennen have the last three years had regular conversations with Breivik.

once A week he comes now to Skien prison, and talking with Breivik behind a glass wall up to an hour and a half.

Besøksvennen was on Friday summoned as the last witness in the case He has brought against the state. The attorney general wanted to know why he has undertaken the mission to hit Breivik once a week.

– It is not a position I have applied for, to say it like that. It came suddenly and unexpectedly upon me that it appeared, ” he says.

He is still aware of the justification for why he said yes when he was asked.

the Reason that I have taken on me to be Breivik’s besøksvenn, is a desire to understand. 23. July 2011, I did like many other, I downloaded the manifesto and began to read. I had a strong desire to understand the who, what, and why. So there is a reason that I have done this. A desire to understand, ” says the man.

But I also try to see the easier on this. I got an SMS this morning, where it was stated: “Everyone needs someone to talk to”. I think it explains this well. Breivik claims on human contact. Someone has to do it, and I was the one who was asked about it.

In the beginning, he had conversations with ” every other week, but since april of 2016, they have met once a week.

– I’m trying to make the situation a little better for the nation’s perhaps most hated person, said besøksvennen, before he added:

It may sound a bit bombastic, I have a vested interest in it also. My vested interest is that this is challenging on a number of field for me, and it’s on its way interesting. It gives me an insight into a world that is different than mine.

Went to the Breivik-meeting from Sundvolden

Besøksvennen told, further, that the first time he ever met Breivik, in February 2014, he went to prison straight from a seminar at Sundvolden hotel, the place that became a focal point for the terrified AUF-ers and their families after the mass killings on Utøya, 22. July 2011.

– I took with me a pen from the hotel, as it was the name of the hotel, told besøksvennen.

Since he has always had a pen with him to the memory of the terror attack.

Besøksvennen get paid for their missions. He is 48 years of age, a priest and an officer in the home Guard.

He told me that he was stressed and nervous the first time he was face to face with Breivik for the first time, and that someone gave him an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Breivik was polite, interested and curious. The chat went fast, easy, and the time went fast, said besøksvennen.

– We are talking about Utøya, and 22. July

Since it’s been close to 90 meetings between them in the prison, lit he.

I have no restrictions on what I can talk with him about, or restrictions to talk about myself and be personal. On the contrary, it is a tool, it is also, he said.

There is very little small talk. We are quickly on the major themes, and we tend not to go empty-for themes. We also speak about the news, about developments in Europe and the world, on the island of Utøya and 22. July, he told and also said that Breivik appears completely untouched when he talks about the 22. July.

Besøksvennen said he himself is keen to understand radicalization.

I’m interested in how the encounter with the texts radikaliserer people, is. I have read the texts radikaliserte bin Laden, I have seen the movies that radikaliserte a boy to go to IS in Syria, and I read the right-wing extremist blogs. I’m keen to try to understand.

He stressed that he often provides ” resistance and corrections.

– I think on the objections and on the friction. I have rarely given and received as great objections as of now, he said.

It stands in stark contrast to the Breivik himself claimed when he testified yesterday. Then said massedrapsmannen that he had to admit that he had been more radical, and that he believed it was a result of that he was damaged by the insulation in the prison.

I have been totally isolated, I’m not been corrected a single time. I have been sitting in the cell 23 hours a day out some corrections. I have been queerer and queerer and more radical as a direct consequence of it, claimed Breivik.

Meet with the glass wall: – No problem

There was a point in Breivik’s lawyer Øystein Storrviks introduction that besøksvennen is employed by the state, and that He therefore can not build relationships with him.

The main point for our case is that he has no opportunity to meet people who he can have a dialogue without it being reflected in the reports. Everything is 100 percent monitored, said Storrvik.

He also believes it is problematic that Breivik and besøksvennen meet with a glass wall between them.

It rejected besøksvennen itself.

– It may seem abnormal, but one quickly becomes accustomed to it. The glass wall is not a problem, I don’t think we had come closer without it. I am experiencing the contact as good communication about important issues, where we are winning new ground and gradually open up more and more genuine communication and relationship.


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