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Young woman run the risk of damages of 6.8 million after fire – Bergensavisen

the Night of Tuesday 26. may 2015 broke out fire on the Square. 70 people were evacuated, and four people were taken out of the burning building. Seven people were checked by a doctor, and two were admitted to the Haukeland hospital.

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the Police believe the fire started when the woman in the 20-years set a frying pan with food on the stove and set the disc at full strength.

“Then she put herself and fell asleep. The pan tørrkokte, and/or was covered by the combustible material, so that there was fire and smoke, with the result that several people could easily have died”, it says in the indictment.

the Woman to have been intoxicated at the time. She is accused of having started the fire by gross negligence.

Now run the risk, she had to cover a damages of 6, 8 million after the great fire.

Trial Monday

Monday she must meet in Bergen district court.

– It will be totalødeleggende for a girl in their 20s who have just started life having to be responsible for that so high amounts, ” says defender Linda Ellefsen Eide to BA.

Linda Ellefsen Eide defends the accused woman. She believes etterforskningsmaterialet point to a possible other perpetrator.

Linda Ellefsen Eide defends the accused woman. She believes etterforskningsmaterialet point to a possible other perpetrator. (Photo: )

The young woman refuses straffskyld, and is in shock over the fact that she is prosecuted in the case.

She was even rescued from the burning apartment building with severe fire and smoke damage. She heard neither the fire alarm, the neighbors who screamed, or mythical mermaids that whistled.

In the first time after the fire she remembered nothing of what had happened.

– She has gotten more of my memory back from the night than at the time when she was in interrogation, ” says Eide.

Pointing to another perpetrator

Eide believes that the police have landed on a simple solution when they are holding her client responsible for the fire.

– They have put the blame on her because she does not remember. In our review of the etterforskningsmaterialet to the discovery pointing to a different perpetrator than her, the Owned.

– What material are we talking about?

– the Police have said that arnestedet is in her apartment on the second floor. There was found a stove where a plate was on full. It turns out now that there also stood a plate on it in the floor below, ” says Eide.

defense attorney find this very strange, and gave in last fall information to the police about this.

– I directed an inquiry to the police, and asked them to reconsider the charges. It they chose to look away from, ” says Eide.

The defendant shared the apartment with three others.

– She denies that she made food the particular night. What’s more she remembers, we’ll wait to hear until she explains for the court, says Eide.

Other residents to witness

Vibeke Nistad Dieseth, politiadvokat in the West standings, will wait to comment on the case before the trial begins.

Both krimteknikere and other residents are listed on the vitnelisten.

BA has previously been in contact with student Marianne Fuglestrand (27). She was sleeping in the top floor of the burning house, and woke up by the fire alarm.

– I heard the alarm and knew svilukt. When I looked out the roof window in the apartment, I saw lots of smoke that came out from the floor below, she told BA after the dramatic fire.

– Heard the scream

She got up, and on the way down the stairs alerted the she the fire department.

– I heard the screaming from inside the apartment on the second floor, but couldn’t get up the door, she said.

She ran further down to the apartment in the first floor and knocked on the door with all his strength.

– I got her out. Before I had a chance to go up again to those in the floor above, was the fire department in place. Everything went very fast.

Jumped out of the window

Student Leila Feratovic shared the apartment with defendant. She had a visit from a friend from the united STATES. They came not out the door, and had to jump out of the window.

– It was about a metre from the window of a flat low ceilings. We decided to jump over there. Where we stood to screamed for help. We got us not away, told Leila to BA after the fire.

She was incredibly afraid. It was difficult to spot on the roof where they were standing.

– No one knew that we were there, or that the roof was there. After a little while we managed to crush the route with a pipe that we found. When discovered the fire department us.

Both of them were then evacuated.


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