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What you should know about dieselforbudet – Aftenposten

1. When concerning the prohibition?

Tuesday, 17. January the clock to 06: 00 introduced the ban on diesel vehicles on municipal roads in Oslo. It lasts as long as luftforurensningsnivået is high over a larger area of the city. If the weather forecasts turn to, there will be more movement in the air from Wednesday night. When luftforurensningsnivået is lower repealed the ban again.

2. How do I know if the ban is repealed?

Bymiljøetaten make daily measurements of air pollution in the city. They will inform on their websites and via Facebook about when the prohibition applies and is not.

3. Why is the prohibition introduced?

the air quality is ranked on a scale from low to very high. The city council in Oslo decided in the last year that there should be introduced changes when it is expected that air pollution will be high over a larger area in several days.

4. Why does it apply only diesel cars?

diesel vehicles grew to the higher emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) compared with bensinbiler.

The last few years, the number of vehicles that use diesel as fuel increased, and this is one of the main reasons that the concentrations of NO2 in Oslo-the air has not been reduced.

5. What I run the risk if I still use dieselbilen my?

the Fee to run the diesel car on days with very high pollution is 1500 dollars, if you do not except the decision. It is the police and the public roads administration to enforce the prohibition.

6. Who determines that it is dieselforbud?

It is byråden for environment and transport in Oslo, Lan Marie Berg, which adopts the ban. Bymiljøetaten make daily measurements of air quality in Oslo in winter, because low temperatures provide greater risks for high contamination and alerts you when levels become too high.

7. What about me who has a hybrid car?

as long As the car only runs on electric energy, does not apply to the prohibition. Cars that are classified as hybrid with both disel and ladbar is except the decision if they have an electric range without using the internal combustion engine of at least 40 kilometres.

8. It also applies taxis?

No. Vehicles with persontransportløyve are exempt from the prohibition.

9. Is it better to bus and T-banetilbud?

Glass waiting increased interest in public transit when the ban goes into effect Tuesday. They ask people try to avoid travel just in the peak hours and work from home if they can. It is therefore a good idea to calculate a little extra good time the days of prohibition.

Oslo city commissioner has decided to introduce higher bompengeavgift and free public transit on days with dangerously high air pollution. The case is now to treatment at the Samferdseldepartementet, but it is not the free bus this time.

It is already approved such a scheme in Bergen.

10. Who is exempted from the prohibition?

In addition to the public transport and taxis, can also those who have to drive the diesel car in connection with business activities will be exempt, for example, the artisans that will be on a mission or messenger-service cars. The assumption is that one can substantiate the need with a confirmation from the employer or the client.

These are also exempt ban:

  • Vehicles with valid handikapbevis.
  • transport of patients to the hospital or doctor. If you can document that you are going to the doctor’s appointment, you can also run the diesel car itself.
  • Emergency vehicles, vehicles used in public service and diplomatbiler.
  • Driving to and from the ferry service, if you are going to have with the car on the ferry. also applies if you parked at the ferry landing before the ban was introduced. According to the municipality’s web pages to transport to and from Oslo S to Vippetangen and Hjortneskaia still be possible.
  • Heavy vehicles that use the Euro WE-technology

11. What with the state the roads in Oslo?

Kjøreforbudet applies only on municipal roads. It applies to most roads in the centre of Oslo, but not the Ring 3, E6, E18, national road 4 “Trondheimsveien”, RV 163, Østre Aker vei, RV 190 Strømsveien and parts of the Ring 1, which is the state.

12. I live 200 metres from the ring 3. Can I use dieselbilen my to drive down there even if I have to stop by the municipal road?

No. As long as you can prove that one of the other exceptions apply, you risk a fine if you drive diesel car.

13. Dieselbilen my parked in the city centre. Can I retrieve it after the ban goes into effect?

No. As long as the car is not parked at a ferry landing is you do not except the ban. Bymiljøetaten they recommend, this may apply to retrieve their cars in the course of Monday.

– It is difficult to have exceptions for each individual case. It is not an aim to put people in a difficult situation, but we introduce the prohibition for a reason, ” says communications director in Bymiljøetaten Alise Davidsen.

14. How many cars must be on Tuesday?

According to Opplysningsrådet for road traffic, it is around 122.000 diesel-powered passenger cars registered in Oslo. Of these are closer to 72.000 registered to private individuals, while a little over 50,000 registered with a company as the owner. Because of the many exceptions, it is unclear how many fewer pictures there are on the roads this day, and in addition, cars registered in other parts of the country who might also be out on the Oslo-roads.


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