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UDI: Mahad-case reviewed – ABC News

the Norwegian directorate of Immigration (UDI) will throw the 30-year-old bioingeniøren out of Norway because they think he talked false about the country of origin of the asylum application its 16 years ago.

Innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (progress party) responded Sunday on his blog and pointed out that Norway ” cannot have an immigration policy guided only by feelings.”

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– Can be tough

We should have a strict and fair system where there is equality before the law. In the face of individual cases, it can be tough, says Listhaug, who reject that there to be well integrated to mean anything.

– We can’t have a system that is different if one is resourceful or not. It should not be a difference between King Solomon and Jørgen hatter. They have lied and cheated to stay, should it be discovered, and you’ll get it drawn back. It hollows out the trust in the system, and opens up for widespread cheating people get away with scamming the Norwegian state.

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Europe is facing a new flyktningebølge


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When it comes to the matter that has been up in the media the last few days, can not UDI provide the details of this without to be exempted from the obligation of confidentiality, writes UDI in a press release Sunday.

But some details they can give. In this case, the UDI processed in 2015 the decision on revocation of citizenship as well as permanent expulsion from Norway. The decision was appealed to the Norwegian Immigration appeals board (UNE), made the final decision in april 2016.

the Case came to the UDI after the first was investigated by the police. In addition to politietterforskning case has been thoroughly treated by both the UDI and the Immigration appeals board (UNE), enter the UDI.

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Will deny the UDI withdrawing Norwegian citizenship

Have sued the state

Mahad Abib Mahamud has sued the state after the decision, and the trial starts in Oslo district court 21. February.

When the matter first was promoting in the media in may 2016, just after the decision was made, justified seksjonssjef Georg Magne Rønnevig in the UNE decision to the face of the class struggle:

We have reviewed the information his about the trip to Norway, the language skills of his interviews of the family and ekskone, travel to Djibouti, contacts in Djibouti, the findings on the internet and the telephone, and on the exchange.

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the UDI announces more stringent requirements for permanent residence permit

do not Trust the somali papers

the Immigration authorities do not trust the somali identitetsdokumentet after all the archives and public offices were looted or destroyed during the civil war in 1991.

UDI director Frode Blame

There are currently no public records of the country’s inhabitants as somali documents can be checked against, and the somali authorities lack the necessary underlagsmaterialet to issue the documents with sufficient notoriety, said Rønnevig.

Mahamud came to Norway alone as a 14-year-old and sought asylum in the year 2000. He became a Norwegian citizen in February 2008.

the Police and the UDI have long suspected that many who came to Norway at the time did not speak the truth about the country of origin.

– The last two years we have worked with a group of ethnic somalis who we thought was from Somalia, but as it turns out is not from Somalia, but from neighboring countries, said the head of the managed migration department at the UDI, Karl Erik Sjøholt to see in 2015.

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Permanent expulsion

– Normally, we regard this as so rough that it entails permanent expulsion from Norway, said the town of Sjøholt at the time.

the UDI says in the press release Sunday that the investigation of these cases “due to the need to maintain the credibility of the asylordningen and to signal that it is not acceptable that you get protection in the Uk with all the rights it entails, on the basis of false information.”

– Capacity has still set some restrictions for how much the UDI has be able to work with such cases. If asylankomstene stay as low as they are at the moment, will the UDI in 2017 have a greater capacity to take hold of this kind of cases.

the UDI is considering for the time being to revoke the citizenship of 500 cases, wrote of the class struggle Saturday.

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