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Want the EEA debate welcome – Daily

It is for the EEA rebellion in the air. Norway’s relations with the EU through the EEA-agreement is a subject for debate both in Norway’s largest an employee, and LAUGHED in the ruling conservative party to adopt the new charters to the spring. In both camps takes several statements to terminate the entire agreement. It believes the EEA and the EU minister Frank Bakke-Jensen is a bad idea.

– the EEA agreement is the most important bilateral agreement we have, he states.

The fresh minister believes, however, EEA-scepticism also referred to as increased engagement.

I think it is positive that we get a debate about the EEA agreement. You must have two different opinions, you should have an exchange of opinions. Therefore, we desire debate welcome, says Bakke-Jensen of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

Komitéleder, not the minister

It has created both the reactions and confusion that the Frp chairman and fiskeriminister Per Sandberg in an interview with the class struggle and later in Dagens Næringsliv said that he would vote no if it were the EEA vote today.

In yesterday’s Daily stated NHO-director Stein Lier-Hansen that a fiskeriminister that will terminate the EEA agreement, speaks against better knowledge:

I don’t understand how he is thinking at all. It is the same minister who is very concerned that we are going to sell farmed salmon around the world. How he believes that we should do it whether we should be protectionist and called us out of international cooperation?

But Hill-Jensen thinks the problem is rolleforståelse.

– It is not fiskeriminister Per Sandberg, who is skeptical of the EEA agreement, it is Per Sandberg as chairman of the program committee of the conservative party.

– You think it is possible to separate the two?

– You need to distinguish. Programprosessene is one of the most important democratic processes we have in Norway. Then appoints several hundred members of the political parties. We discuss things in the light of the time we live in now, and where we want to be about 30 years. A chair of the program committee should be allowed to ask quite a number of critical questions. So, it is complicated when Per speak out about such an important appointment for the field he has responsibility for as minister. I totally agree, ” says Bakke-Jensen.

Six billion

one of the EEA-sceptics in the conservative party is particularly concerned about is the challenge related to the trygdeeksport.

– What can be done with it within the limits we have today, do you think?

There are two ways to attack that question. One is to see how big is this problem? We are talking here about roughly 6,5 billion are exported per year. 5 billion is for Norwegian pensioners living outside the Uk, ” explains the minister, adding:

I have not heard anyone in the conservative party that says that pensjonistene to move home from Spain.

He emphasizes at the same time that the discussion about trygdeeksport also in progress in the EUROPEAN union.

And I assume that they also take grip on it. At the same time, things change. Poland has now lifted themselves economically because of its EU membership, significantly the last few years. A performance allowance is currently in line with, or higher in Poland than in Norway.

– What kind of scope do you have to promote Norway’s interests in this matter?

It may sound blærete out, but I believe the most important measure was that Erna Solberg said that we should have a minister dedicated to these issues, ” says Bakke-Jensen.


He is the third in a series that has ministerposten with responsibility for EU and EEA matters. It is the most utskifta record in the america’s government, and one can say that the Hill-Jensen got a little special the first day on the job. When he was confronted by the show the press for an article from 2013: “the EU Has a future?”.

Where are presented Bakke-Jensen, the EU-skeptic, statements sam: “the Eu’s solution with the multicultural states of america works consistently only in theory”, and ” … It is rather doubtful whether the EU has the answer to their challenges without having to say goodbye to her multicultural and segregated society.”

Hill-Jensen immediately took away from the message of the piece, and now it turns out that it was not he who had written it at all. It was his colleague on the Finnmarksbenken Jan-Henrik Fredriksen (Frp).

This was no fun experience the first day on the job, ” says Bakke-Jensen.

It surprised me big the the piece. I had not written it. I had not read it before I got it in hand the first day on the job.

He describes the whole experience as strange.

– But then there is the way that it is sent out op-eds in my name, and here I thought simply it was a counselor who had made it, without that I had controlled it, ” explains the minister.

He is pleased with own ryggmargsrefleks, when he was confronted with the piece.

I took in each case the distance from the message and the form. I had to call Jan-Henrik Fredriksen, because I had pronounced me skeptical of the language are his also. It was perhaps going a bit far. I have asked excuse for it, and he sneered well. He remembers the case well, and had called the Finnmark dagblad voicing the same day and said that now they had to pull themselves. There were five stortingsrepresentanter from Finnmark, and three male. It should perhaps be possible to separate them from each other, ” concludes the minister.


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