Friday, January 6, 2017

The deceased had visible injuries – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

Where should the man in the syttiårsalderen obduseres. According to etterforskningsleder Eivind Guldseth at Stjørdal sheriff’s office hope the police that it can happen already in the evening, Friday.

But it is suggested that there may be a Saturday, ” says Guldseth.

Was found in the first floor

the Police is very sparse with information about what may have happened and the investigation that is currently ongoing. Etterforskningslederen confirms, however, faced with the Impulses that the man was found indoors on the first floor in calis in Tydal. He should have had visible injuries. Guldseth will not say anything about what kind of damage it is.

– We are awaiting the autopsy. Things will probably be clearer after that, ” he says.

– Not known to the police

the Man was according to police the discovery of a woman who lives at the same address on Friday morning. The couple has lived together in Tydal since 2012. According to neighbors should the couple have been cohabiting. They should not, however, have had close contact with some of the others who live in boligfeltet.

What I can say is that the man moved to Tydal from the west coast. He is not known to the police from before in any way, ” says Guldseth.

He will not go into detail on if someone is suspected or charged with anything in connection with the event.

Examined the garage

Health workers were summoned to the residence Friday morning and were in place before half eleven. Over an hour later was also the police on the place. Friday night the work continued four krimteknikere from the police on the spot.

They examined among other things the multiple rooms in the first floor of the house. The rooms there is a separate small apartment with a bedroom, living room, bathroom and laundry room. In addition, both a garage and a vedbod on the property searched, before the surveys were completed a little before the clock nine. Then arrived a bårebil from Malvik to transport the man to Trondheim.


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