Thursday, January 12, 2017

Waiting extremely high tide – TV 2

on Thursday, alerts the Norwegian mapping authority unusually high flooding in Western norway south of Stad.

It is full moon, and then it is normally spring tides. But it is the weather conditions that we now experience is intense.

the Sea is going to rise high above the normal high tide, and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute has sent out notification of extreme weather events.

handle the extreme weather has been given the name Adam.

the Sun, moon, pressure and wind

It is a powerful low-pressure system heading in towards the coast of Møre and Romsdal that puts it all in time.

the Pressure is low, only 963 hPa, and therefore there is less weight than normal which pushes down against the surface of the sea.

Lavtrykket provides for rigid and strong breeze towards the west coast, which stuver water up against the shore.

– In the areas that are exposed to wind from the west, comes a big swell to make the situation extra creepy, warning the Storm-meteorologist Olav Krogsæter.

Have you nøst and pier on the west coast you must make clear to the extreme weather on Thursday. Clean out there that can be destroyed by the sea, and moor up inside the boathouse so that it does not flow of the crib it is in.

Sweep away everything that can be taken by the sea on the jetties and beaches.

Many years between each time

How high floen is on Thursday, and when it reaches the top, varies from place to place. The height is expressed in relation to the zero-level of the sjøkartene.

Wednesday was heralded as the high water that normally runs between 100 and 200 years between each time the lake reaches this level. Thursday morning was the alerts adjusted down to around 20-year high tide.

In Stavanger, the alert displays 169 centimeters Thursday at 9.50, three centimeters above the level for the 20-year water levels.

In Haugesund shows the alert 155 centimeters, at 10.10. There are three centimeters below the level of the 100-year high tide.

In Bergen, it is notified a water level of 225 centimeters clockwise 10.20. Also here three centimeters below the level of the 100-year high tide.

the Video at the top shows how stormfloen under the handle the extreme weather Nina ravaged Outdoor in the Bergen 10. January 2015.

The time step to the sea to 224 centimeters. the Photos are taken by Timothy Midbøe, from a ship that lay moored to the jetty.

the Water goes over the docks around the Harbour of Bergen when the water level rises above 205 centimetres, so parts of the Pier being put under water.

In Florø, it is notified 257 centimeters at 10: 30, in Måløy, 269 centimeters. Both places get a 20-year high tide.

It is high flo also north of the City, but it is not the conditions extreme. In Ålesund shows the alerts 282 centimeters clock 10.40, 5-year-high tide.

Storm.en shows you how high the tide rises on you, and times of high tide and low tide.

Select Tides in the menu under dagsboksene.

Short time

The extreme conditions is on for a short time.

Thursday evening at 22.40 rising sea to 199 centimetres. High, but not higher than that we experience it once a year on average.

do you Take pictures of handle the extreme weather? Share them with us on the facebook page for the storm.en, or use the #2storm on Instagram .


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