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Ulvemotstander took a picture of several hundred ulvespor – the Newspaper.en

Kommunepolitikeren Halvor Sveen (Ap) took the Tuesday picture of what he thinks is several hundred ulvespor on a road in Rendalen. Thursday vibrated he of anger in a heated ulvedebatt on NRK.

Ap-the politician in this County shared the image on Facebook , and within a short time was shared over 3,000 times. He is sure that the tracks in the picture belong to the animals from the Osdalsflokken and does not hide that he believes the pack has a large skadepotensial for domestic animals in the area.

- This image shows the most likely track for Osdalsflokken. The picture is taken about four-five kilometers from where we release our storfebesetning of approximately 80 animals around 1. June. If this does not constitute a skadepotensial, then I do not know, in any case! type Sveen, who on Thursday night took part in a fresh ulvedebatt on NRK.

He tells on Facebook that the picture is taken 10 to 12 kilometers outside the management area for wolves. He says he let out the picture to spread the knowledge:

- They do not believe in this if not we can document it. Ulvejakten is now stopped, because those who sit in the office in Oslo do not see that the wolf has a skadepotensial. So it was a very timing on the picture, ” says Sveen to VG.


the Debate on NRK on Thursday night became very heated. Sveen, backed by, among others Senterparti leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, tried everything he could to show how big skadepotensialet actually is, and how crazy the government’s policy is.

the Possible way out for the government, with the Swedish ulveløsning

The four ulverevirene that need to be taken out now, in the last six years have taken 63 sheep and 16 dogs. They are documented as killed by wolves. In a ulveangrep is it is seldom found more than 25-30 percent of the animals that are actually taken, pointed out Sveen before the temperature went up.

He answered on the secretary-general Nina Jensen of WWF Norway’s statements about that in the same period is taken 16 sheep of the four same ulvefamiliene.

- Osdalsflokken have taken eight to ten dogs in the last few years. But the dogs that are not being found, never comes with in the some statistics, pointed out Sveen.

CURIOUS WOLF: nature photographer John Øystein Berg got a special meeting with this young wolf. According to the photographer jumped and danced the wolf right by the car the Roller set in. Video: John Øystein Berg Show more Show more

- Designed problem

Hunter, naturverner and director of Norwegian Industries Stein Lier-Hansen, thinks the Ap-politician from Hedmark takes completely wrong, and believes that the wolf does not pose any major problem in either the Norwegian or Swedish side of the border.

- It’s very strange that right on the other side of the border so it is not three ulvetisper, it is 40, and the swedes live well with it, ” said Lier-Hansen, who had previously pointed out that any miljøminister would hit the same decision as the Conservative Vidar Helgesen.

It created uproar, not least in Hedmark Right, then the government before christmas decided to only allow the killing of 15 of the 47 wolf that rovviltnemndene would take out. No of wolves that can be shared, belong to the four ulveflokkene in ulvesonen in this County.

- All that the world handles, it manages not we in Norway have to deal with. We construct problems that do not exist, the determined Lier-Hansen.


- We can't let the us control of the kaffelattedrikkende Rødhette-enthusiasts in the city

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