Friday, January 6, 2017

Merete Hodne convicted in the court of appeal – the Newspaper.en

the Verdict was rendered under the dissent. Thus was the court divided into a majority and a minority, reports Stavanger Aftenblad.

Hodne was in the Jæren district court sentenced to pay a fine of 10.000 dollars, and appealed the verdict.

the Appeal started in the Gulating lagmannsrett 3. January.

the Barber was prosecuted for discrimination on the grounds of religion, after she refused Bayan service and services because the Bayan was wearing a headscarf.

Hodne acknowledged not straffskyld when the trial started.

She said she got anxiety and “completely freaked” when Bayan and a friend came into the lounge her with hijab on.

For me is hijaben an extremely political symbol, I’m being bad when I see people with hijab. They came in, one asked about what it cost to strip your hair, and I said that I don’t accept people like you, that they got to go to a different hairdresser, so they went out again, Hodne pronounced.

the Headscarf case came up for trial after Hodne refused to adopt a fine of 8.000 nok for to have refused the 24-year-old Malika Bayan to get into the lounge.

In October, it became known that the court of appeals agreed to treat frisørens appeal.

the Case is updated.

Head case
  • Hairdresser Merete Hodne met 8. september in the year in Jæren district court, accused of having refused Malika Bayan services because the Bayan bar the religious head-covering hijab.
  • According to the indictment shall Hodne have declined Bayan when she came to ask what it cost to strip your hair. Hodne said that she would not “take on people like her”.
  • the Incident took place around one year ago in Hodnes hair salon on Whetstone.
  • Hodne was imposed a fine of 8.000 nok, which she refused to adopt.
  • Hodne acknowledged not straffskyld during the trial. She insisted that she considers hijaben as an “extremely political symbol” and that it gives her anxiety.
  • Hodne has been politically active in the Stop Islamiseringen of Norway and in the Pegida.
  • In september, Hodne in the Jæren district court sentenced to pay a fine of nok 10 000, and appealed the verdict.
  • 6. January came the judgment in the appeal. The court of appeal idømte Hodne a fine of nok 7000.
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