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Twelve people received eye injuries new year’s eve – four serious – VG

A person has been removed the eye and another got holes in both your eyes after the fireworks new year’s eve.

On the countrywide got twelve people south of the fireworks new year’s eve.

Four of the twelve are seriously injured. The other eight have eye injuries that are moderately severe. None of them is damaged report having used safety glasses when the accident happened, ” says the chief physician Nils Bull at Øyeavdelingen at Haukeland university hospital on the hospital’s website.

Bull leads each year statistics on the number of eye injuries as a result of fireworks around the country.

– Three of the four serious øyeskadene and six of the moderate-severe the damage occurred after the use of effektbatteri. A person has had the eye removed. At one of the most serious damage was the holes in both eyes, ” says Bull.

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at Least nine of the twelve injuries are related to the use of effektbatterier, says Bull to the VG.

– Effektbatteriene is very potent, and can give great damage. It may be that people think there is only pinneraketter that is dangerous, but it is certainly not the case, ” says Bull.

‘t seen something worse

To the VG says the Bull that is the case with the person who got the hole in both eyes, is the most serious he has ever been involved in on new year’s eve, since he started as an ophthalmologist in 2002.

– Consequences will show up after each. He is still under intensive care, but it is extremely serious, ” says Bull.

There is an adult person who received those damages.

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For a couple of years ago, wrote the VG that rakettforbudet not have helped against the most serious damage, although the total number of injuries has gone down (see information below).

new year’s Eve 2008/2009 was the first after the ban on missiles with styrepinner. That year and the year after there were fewer injuries in total, but on the same level as the years before when it comes to the most serious øyeskadene.

Since the ban, more and more municipalities started to shoot their own fireworks, so that individuals can avoid having to do it yourself.

Municipalities take greater responsibility

A review VG did earlier in the week, shows that the country’s five largest cities use the to together over two million dollars on a private fireworks display.

<p>This person received øyeskade of effektbatteri.</p>

This person got the damage of effektbatteri.

Photo:, Nils Bull

Municipalities of defense spending, among other things, that eye injuries cost far more than this.

According to a survey analysebyrået YouGov has done for the insurance company If, answer one of the two norwegians that they have experienced fireworks out of control, writes the company in a press release.

55 per cent answer that fellesfyrverkeri is a great action and that they therefore dropper to bring their own fireworks.

23 percent think, however, that fellesfyrverkeri is a great action, but that they will fire up their own.

Will have a ban on private fireworks

In 2016, the international øyelegeforeningen International Council of Opthalmology gone into for the ban on private fireworks.

The Norwegian øyelegeforeningen supports this proposal, and has now written a letter to the Directorate for civil protection and Emergency management and asked for such a ban in Norway, writes the Haukeland university hospital in nyhetsmeldingen.

– I will have a ban so we don’t have such cases, ” says Bull to the VG.

– But is not such injuries at the controlled launch of the local councils?

– No, when pyroteknikere do it, and then it happens so to say never damages.


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