Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Norwegian consumer council warns against dorullselger – Haugesund Newspaper

FRAUD: the Norwegian Consumer council warns against dorullselskapet Dragro Norway after that they have received over 60 enquiries from consumers who have not ordered the goods.

50 requests came in last year, and in the course of the year’s first three business days have additional 16 unhappy dorullmottakere made contact with the Consumer. As late as Wednesday night warned police in several places against the dorullsvindel.

Facts about rights at unknown bills

*You have no obligation to pay for something you have not ordered.

*You do not have any responsibility for the goods, as long as there is reason to believe that, for example, is delivered to the wrong address.

*If you meet the payment claims from one, you should provide the information that you are not going to pay, and that there is no agreement.

*It is the seller who may need to demonstrate that an agreement exists.

*Often, the seller may have sent a completed agreement where it says that you must contact within two weeks if you do not want to be bound by the agreement.

*The contact information provided to the seller is often a phone number or an email that is not in use. You have thus not possible to say from you agreement. This is no legal way for the seller to make a deal, and you are not bound by such an agreement.

*If the seller sends the case to a collection agency, you should contact inkassobyrået and make them aware that the claim is disputed. The debt collection company has then not allowed to recover the claim.

Source: the Norwegian Consumer council

– Consumers say that they, for example, has taken delivery of a load doruller and kjøkkenpapir with a bill. The problem is that they never have ordered this. Nevertheless, many people are choosing to just pay, because they are afraid of debt collection and payment remarks. the Our message is: do not pay, says Ingeborg Flønes, who is the director of consumer service in the Consumer.

the Norwegian Consumer council has urged the consumer ombudsman, who has the responsible supervision of the area, to look at Dragro.

Chief of Dragro Norway, Torry Drange, admits towards the VG that it has been unfortunate sales in the period before christmas.

Drange thinks that it has “been some mistake.”

– There were some sellers who were over-zealous, it was an internal competition and it went over the track. But we’re not going to demand money of people who haven’t booked, and also not by people who are not happy with your order they have made, ” says Drange to the newspaper.

Both South-West and Finnmark police district warned Wednesday against scams involving toilet paper.

Several places in the country have earlier been demanded for money for toilet paper, which is placed outside of their homes.


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