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Suspect that Cappelen had internal politikilde – VG

the Police in Asker and Bærum to since the 90′s have suspected that some in the Oslo police held a protective hand over hasjsmugleren Gjermund Cappelen.

Already in the 90′s was newly hired officials on narkotikaseksjonen in Asker and Bærum brifet that Cappelen was storimportør of resin and one of the most criminals in the police district, notify CHANNELS 2.

Cappelen was at the time Deeply Thorud and was often referred to as “GT”.

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Each time the Asker and Bærum tried to take him, experienced however the local police that Cappelen revealed them and the investigation had to be added.

In the mid-90s caught narkotikaseksjonen up that “GT” was about to get into a hasjlast from the Netherlands. The spanet on Cappelen and observed that he met the officer, Eirik Jensen. After the meeting it was quiet and the police understood that the covert action was disclosed, the type of TV 2.

According to the TV channel they were internally on politihuset in Sandvika convinced that it was Jensen who had told Cappelen that it was spanet on him.

in the Summer of 2000 to the police in Asker and Bærum have tried again. Telefonavlyttingen caught up that he would meet a person with an unregistered phone number. Spanerne should have followed the car from Bærum, into Greenland in Oslo, where it was picked up a man, before the trip went to Ekebergsletta. There, they saw that the passenger was officer, Eirik Jensen.

According to our sources TV 2 has talked with were spaningsoperasjonen called off when Cappelen on the way back to Harrogate called spaningslederens cell phone and asked why the police came after him.

Spaningslederen must first have thought it was internal joke from his colleagues, but realized that the operation was blown when Cappelen waved his cell phone out of the window while the conversation continued.

TEXT messages: See Eirik Jensen markup language

the Police in Asker and Bærum was according to the TV 2 so suspicious that in 2006 ceased to share intelligence information about Gjermund Cappelen with other police districts.

When the police made a new attempt in 2013, the operation was kept extremely secret. The investigation was called “Operation Silent”. It was, however, so many resources that the Asker and Bærum was going to have to ask for help from the police in Oslo, which has the national bistandsansvaret for detection.

But since the last attempt to take Cappelen had there been changes in the Oslo police. Eirik Jensen was no longer the commander of the Special operations (SO) and Einar Aas had taken over the leadership of the Section for organized crime.

Aas had a background as a kriminalsjef in Asker and Bærum, and known to nabodistriktets suspicion against Eirik Jensen.

that Same year, “Operation Silent” was initiated, was Jensen moved to a local outside politihuset where he was set to produce the report “Oslo 2022, the future of kriminalitetsutfordringer”.

Defender Arild Holden rejects that Eirik Jensen has spolert Asker and Bærum politidistrikts investigation against Gjermund Cappelen.

– No, on the contrary. He has done the opposite, namely informed people on politihuset about what he has learned, ” says Holden to TV 2.

Neither the police in Oslo, norway, or the Asker and Bærum police want to comment on the information. The trial starts in Oslo district court this coming Monday.


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