Thursday, January 5, 2017

The government under pressure in ulvestriden – Nationen

the Parties does not accept without further ado that the government adds crucial weight to the opinions from the Ministry of justice.

– It is a serious situation when a storting with a clear intention of being parked by a minister, in deep conflict with its own government and other ministers, says the Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre to the NTB.

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He will have the support of KrFs parliamentary deputy Hans Olav Syversen, who believes the statement from the lovavdelingen is “very button”.

Discretion is very narrowly described. For example, it does not appear to agriculture’s assessments at all, he says to NTB.


Busslaster with ulvedemonstranter from Inland arrived in Oslo on Wednesday. They are highly critical of the decision that miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) made before christmas, when he did about the Rovviltnemndenes recommendation to shoot 47 wolf in ulvesonen and only gave the green light to the 15 fellinger.

When we went into the ulveforliket, it was because we found a delicate balance between grazing and rovdyrinteresser. The decision that was made before christmas, helps to dislocate this balance and is a major problem for the Parliament’s legitimacy, says Syversen.

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Støre believes it doesn’t hold to show to the opinions from the Ministry of justice alone.

– It is always wise to listen to lovavdelingen, but in Norway we have a tradition to implement the Storting’s policy. Then we need to adapt laws and regulations so that they are in line with the Storting’s intention and international commitment. Where are we not now, ” he says.

Working for a solution

Helgesen got clear information about to turn from the representatives of ulvedemonstrantene who met him on Wednesday. The minister stated that the matter is difficult and that he has an understanding of the local frustration, but stated that it is not appropriate to increase the lisensfellingen now.

Earlier in the day, beating prime minister Erna Solberg (H) states that the government intends to implement ulveforliket in Parliament. She added that it could well be felled as nuisance of the wolf in the spring.

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Though it may not be lisensjakt, then it means it’s not that wolf can’t be taken out in the year. It depends on the skadepotensialet by the fact that we have a growing ulvestamme. It could be that it is shooting in the spring, ” says Solberg.

” We understand very well how people have it. In this County there are areas that take a huge burden on behalf of society, but a government must follow Norwegian law, added she.

V: legislative changes out of the question

Miljøministeren would the clock 14 Wednesday meeting forlikspartnerne in Parliament for talks. In advance warned him that it could be added before “possible solutions for the future”, unless he specifically wanted to say something more about this.

legislative changes have been introduced as a possible solution, but naturmangfoldsloven should not be changed, determine the government’s samarbeidsparti Left.

– It is listed in the cooperation agreement, says the party’s deputy leader Ola Elvestuen of the NTB.

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Left, MDG and SV stands outside ulveforliket, like the centre party, which, admittedly, has the exact opposite reasoning for this. Now miss Sps parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad clear answer from the conservative party in the matter.

– It is deafening silent from the progress party’s spokesperson, says Arnstad, who think they are hiding in the skirts to the prime minister instead of to front his views in an inflamed distriktspolitisk case.


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