Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The 22-year-old from Tromsø prosecuted for transgressions against the 75 children – the Newspaper.en

A 22-year-old man from Tromsø is accused of sexual abuse against a total of 75 children, 69 boys and six girls.

Troms police district was completed with the extensive investigation in the beginning of December, writes northern lights.

most offended person is from Tromsø, but also from Troms, incidentally, Nordland, Hedmark, Vestfold and Agder. The man is among other things accused of physical sexual abuse against eight children under 16 years of age. Four of them were according to the indictment under 14 years of gjerningstidspunktet. According to the police he shall have come in contact with these by providing his correct identity.

most conditions, however, apply to abuse committed over the internet, with the help of fake profiles. The man should also have used visual material he has received from the offended person, to entrap other children again.

22-åringens defender, attorney Sven Crogh, says that he has not gone over the indictment with his client, but it is prior known that the man in essence has acknowledged that he shall be alleged.

the Prosecution has alerts a possible forvaringspåstand against the overgrepstiltalte 22-year-old.

the Trial of the man starts 6. February, and the court has set aside six weeks for treatment. Tromsømannen have been ” I since in march of 2016.


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