Sunday, January 1, 2017

Serious accident with explosives – Bergensavisen

the Two men are transported to Haukeland hospital after an explosion at a residence in Nordhordland.

It informs operasjonsleder in the police, Bjarte Rebnord.

– We got the message about the event clock 0219. It had been an accident with explosives at a private residence at Mongstad.

It is unclear whether the accident happened inside or outside.

– I have not quite track of the sequence of events, but there is talk of a serious accident.

He says further, that the explosive that went in the air, was very powerful.

– Yes, we suspect that it was the dynamite of any kind.

Two men in the 30-40-years is sent to the Haukeland.

One of the injured, a 34-year-old man, must have been very near the explosion and has, among other things, received extensive damage in an arm. Things may indicate that he held the dynamite in his hand when it went off.

– He was transported to Haukeland in the air ambulance. The other parties involved in the accident, stood a bit further from the explosion, but also got injuries. He is also transported to the emergency room at the Haukeland, says Rebnord.

Health Bergen reports that a man (34) is seriously injured after the accident.

It is not come information about the health condition of the other injured man.

Police fear that there are more explosives at the address.

– We have “frozen” the scene. It will say that no one should take themselves into the property before bombegruppen searched the place. There may be more explosives in there, ” he says.

Bombegruppen comes from Oslo in the course of the day.


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