Sunday, January 1, 2017

Drank alcohol every day and would put himself into rehab – TV 2

“Fuck this year”. Such is the title of the young bloggerens last post in 2016.

After a sexbilde of her were spread on the internet in the summer, finished a lot of Sophie Elise Isachsen (22).

Outwardly responded she with strength and anger. But on the inside, triggering the event many bad feelings.

It was VG who first talked about the blog post.

Sexbilde triggered anxiety

Toppbloggeren writes that in 2016 began well, but;

“So was the image that I have sex scattered around and everything just went down from there really. I wrote the book, and that was all I managed. The + drink alcohol. I would never be alone, and whether I should always be social ended it with alcohol. There is always someone who is at an event, take a few drinks after work or to celebrate a birthday, whether you only search for it, and then release you to go home to lie with their mind”.

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She says it went so far that she wanted to take to rehab, but that she since found out that she has the alcohol consumption under control.

– Dirty and nasty

Isachsen writes that the spread of that very private picture characterized her throughout the year, and that she has not yet managed to put it behind them.

“After it with the image as I felt so dirty and nasty a long period of time, and I don’t think of it all the time longer, but I will well not to be completely over it before I get any judgement on the matter. Then I can put it behind me. It wasn’t rape but it was assault, and it has changed me, even though I hate to think of exactly what” she writes.

A year with a lot of anxiety and unhealthy lifestyle to now be packed away.

Isachsen says she wants to take it more easy to come by to have a good rhythm in everyday life and avoid destructive people.

Sophie Elise is not available for comment new year’s eve, says her manager to TV 2.

Read Sophie Elises open the blog post here.


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