Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jonas Gahr Støres father is dead – VG

Ulf Jonas Støre, the father of the Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre, is the death of 91-year-old.

The reports Dagens Næringsliv.

Jonas Gahr Støre cancelled on Tuesday several appointments to be together the family, according to the newspaper. Ulf Jonas Støre fallen asleep at the Cathinka Guldberg nursing home in Oslo on Tuesday.

” my Father has been in a nursing home for nearly three years. He began to deteriorate just before the new year. The family has followed him closely on this last journey. It has concerned me the most the last few days, ” says Støre.

Ulf Jonas Støre previously worked as a shipbroker.

Ms. Camilla Shake in the Labour party tell the VG that Jonas Gahr Støre not want to comment on the death Tuesday evening.

Followed his son closely

When Jonas Gahr Støre in 2015 held a speech at the congress to the Ap, he stated that the phone call from his father touched him the most in retrospect.

I visited my mother and father earlier in the day, both live in a nursing home here in Oslo. And now called just my father to say that he had heard landsmøtetalen my TV and thought it was great. I was very moved that he is 90 years has followed so closely on what was said here. The family is very important to me, ” said Støre to VG.

– Means a lot

When Jonas Gahr Støre visited Lovisenberg diakonale university college in august of 2015 to duellere about health care policy, his father was present to hear the son.

I visit them two-three times a week, and find that Lovisenberg community is a great place to be. He has just filled to 90 years, can’t stay at home anymore, and is being well taken care of. My father is fully and completely with the. He means a lot to me, and it was good to have him in the saddle, said Jonas Gahr Støre to the Newspaper.

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