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B-the gang knew about the secret Jensen-investigation – VG

the Investigation against Eirik Jensen (59) should take place secretly. Still knew politioverbetjentens worst enemies in gjengmiljøet what was going on.

22. February 2014: Spesialenheten for police matters has secretly investigated Eirik Jensen in just over five weeks. The operation is top secret.

There is added a plan for when politioverbetjenten to pågripes, but time and place are not yet determined. This day receive, however, the police in Oslo that the criminals know that Jensen will soon be taken.

After the VG get lit, it was members of the B-gang who knew of the secret operation.

We were notified by the Oslo police that they had heard that Jensen was under the hidden investigation and that it was in the context of a larger narkotikasak, explained the prosecutor Guro Glærum Kleppe in his innledningsforedrag in court Tuesday.

the Arrest of Jensen are therefore hastened in haste. Two days later, 24. February 2014, pågripes it to as high trusted politilederen of innsatsgruppen UEH in the garage on the politihuset in Oslo.

the Relationship between Eirik Jensen, and B-the gang has a long history:

27. august 2006: Nine shots being fired in the crowds at Aker Brygge in Oslo. The bloody settlement in gjengmiljøet in Oslo is the start of “Operation gjengbekjempelse”. The minister of justice, Knut Storberget, and the police have had enough of the regular skyteoppgjør in Oslo’s streets.

Then I got a phone call from my boss, who wondered if I was ready. I had worked up the courage gjengmiljøet in many years. I knew a lot of people in the environment, and was then offered to lead gjengprosjektet. It was the honorable, explained the retired politilederen Eirik Jensen in court Tuesday.

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“Operation Nemesis”

2007: Eirik Jensen leads the “Operation Nemesis” – named after the Greek spirit of divine retribution. Action frames B-gang almighty and a number of family members being put behind lock and turn.

the Brothers of Rasool-the family are later convicted of aggravated heleri and deprived of the values for nok 17 million.

Especially humiliating was that the parents were set on the ones in the dock. The police believed they had used the money that came from sønnenes criminal activities. The operation has never been forgotten by the B-gang. Neither of the Jensen.

With my knowledge of the gjengmiljøet so forget the they never. Even if they promise that they will forget so they don’t, ” said Jensen to the TV2 8. February 2015.

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Information about a criminal in the winter of 2014 well-known to the investigation of Eirik Jensen is very interesting for the defenders.

It says a lot. There can be leaks in the police. It comes at least not from Jensen, ” said John Christian Fire to the VG.

Image with Cappelen

in the Autumn in the forefront above there is also information in the criminal environment that Gjermund Cappelen was the informant for Jensen. The reason was that a convicted person observed a meeting between Cappelen and Jensen on the English that took place 10. september 2013. It was taken a photo that spread among criminals.

the Defenders to Jensen believes it may have contributed to the fact that Cappelen might present an explanation of why he had met the profile politioverbetjenten.

– This is one of the theories we work out from: Why did he suddenly need to throw the guilt on the Jensen? It has been questioned to him after the contact was known. Has anyone gone to him? They pushed him or threatened him, says the Fire.

The image in question has since been delivered to the Spesialenheten for police matters.

CONFUSED? Get an overview of the trial of Eirik Jensen here.

<p>NEMESIS: Here føres a of Rasool-brødrene away by the police in connection with the campaign in 2007.</p>

NEMESIS: It is recognised one of the Rasool brothers away by the police in connection with the campaign in 2007.

Photo: Trond Solberg, VG

Started detection of Cappelen

Three months after it had begun to swirl of rumors in the criminal environment of Cappelen, did the Asker and Bærum police detection against hasjbaronen. During the first few days, followed the detectives, among other Cappelen in at Sandvika storsenter, where he bought several mobile phones.

Spanerne went into the store after that hasjbaronen had dragged from the spot and secured the phone numbers of the current phones, according to School information.

5. December 2013: Two days after the secret investigation to be implemented gives the Asker and Bærum district court the police the go-ahead to implement kommunikasjonskontroll to uncover cappelen in his network of contacts and narkotikavirksomhet.

In addition, the obtained historic traffic data from hasjbaronens phone number.

the Material shows that there is frequent contact with a phone number that previously has been linked to a sentenced a pakistani man. He was at this time in Pakistan.

a Few days later, it agreed to a meeting between Cappelen and the unknown person who possesses the phone number.

The first meeting

10. December 2013: Cappelen and the user of that mysterious phone number and face each other at Grønlandsleiret in the centre of Oslo. The man with the unknown phone sits in the car. When he later leaves the car, he is of spanere identified as the highly trusted officer, Eirik Jensen.

It was known in the police that the two had tjenstlig contact, but it was made efforts in order to close the investigation so that you avoided that Cappelen got the knowledge about this. It was unclear to the police about the contact that was uncovered had something with Jensen’s job to do or whether there were grounds to suspect him of the crimes, explained deputy chief Guro Glærum Kleppe by Spesialenheten for police matters in their innledningsforedrag Tuesday.

<p>PROSECUTOR: Guro Glærum Kleppe will present the evidence against Eirik Jensen in the pågåend the trial.</p>

the PROSECUTOR: Guro Glærum Kleppe will present the evidence against Eirik Jensen in the ongoing trial.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe, NTB scanpix

Spesialenheten notified

12. December 2013: Spesialenheten get a message that it is in connection with the hidden investigation against Cappelen has come information about a police officer that provides the basis for notification, in accordance with the regulations.

the Night of 18. December 2013: Investigators make break-in hasjlageret to Cappelen-league and taking the seizure of several hundred kilos of cannabis resin and a large amount of cash. It fingerte the heist is being implemented to trigger the communication.

A plumber, who was central in the network of hasjbaronen, alerts Cappelen about the heist. Cappelen takes almost immediately contact with Jensen and ask for a meeting:

Are you in the city today? Must have a chat. Important“.

Jensen responds the same day and it is agreed upon a meeting.

The second encounter

19. December 2013: Spanere follows the meeting between Cappelen and Jensen. Hasjbaronen picks up the then politilederen in the same place in Grønlandsleiret in Oslo, running to English and back. The meeting lasts about 20 minutes. When Jensen leaves the car he wears a white envelope in his hand, according to the Spesialenheten.

Just before midnight of this day is Cappelen apprehended by the police. After the arrest avhøres Cappelen of the police, and he is asking to contact their kildefører in the police, Eirik Jensen. Wanted refused.

– Cappelen tells of law enforcement

7. January 2014: Cappelen talks with two officials working with the intelligence at the Asker and Bærum police district. The call is being recorded on tape and will be played during the trial.

Here, it’s revealed that hasjbaronen is willing to give information, and polititjenestemennene indicates that they are interested in something other than the members of the hasjligaen.

– Cappelen tells about a collaboration with a police officer and what it consists in, but he does not disclose the identity of the police officer, explained Kleppe in his innledningsforedrag.

The first interrogations

10. and 12. January 2014: Officials from the police talking with Cappelen again. Everything is recorded on tape.

13. January 2014: Cappelen avhøres for the first time of Spesialenheten. In the course of the next three months avhøres Cappelen six times of the unit investigating the criminal offences committed by politiansatte.

15. January 2014: Spesialenheten for police matters will take hidden investigation against Eric Jensen, including detection, kommunikasjonskontroll and logging of the two vehicles.

less than six weeks later, the dramatic arrest of Eric Jensen.


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