Monday, January 16, 2017

Jensen continues the explanation behind the closed doors – the Future in the North

It will come up, correct or not correct, the name of the events or persons that may pose a great danger for Gjermund Cappelen. Eirik Jensen has even written to the Spesialenheten that it is life or death for Cappelen, said hasjsmuglerens defends Benedict de Vibe to NTB last week.

Jensen would have open doors during the whole of his explanation.

– Our contention was that he should explain himself, for open doors, or just with the press in the audience. So we opened optionally in order that they could impose referatforbud if there was a need to shield certain information, ” says lawyer John Christian the Fire.

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling suggested on Thursday last week that the entire Monday morning will be the review of the sensitive material. Before the trial started, got Spesialenheten for police matters rejected in both the district court and the court of appeal on the requirement that all explanations for the Jensen and Cappelen had to go behind closed doors.

There is space for 137 spectator seats in the courtroom that was built for rettsoppgjøret after the terrorist attacks in 2011. Monday will the parties be present in the audience. (©NTB)


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