Monday, January 16, 2017

Jagland reprove Norway in Mahamud-case – VG

Secretary general Thorbjørn Jagland of the Council of europe believes that the Norwegian authorities cannot deprive any citizenship, if it means that the person becomes stateless.

– It is bedrøvelig to see that the Norwegian authorities have trips back to the despite these fundamental obligations, ” says Jagland to the VG.

the Council of europe’s secretary-general thus gives full support to the lawyer John Christian in the Fire, and other legal scholars, who believe that the Norwegian authorities break the law by depriving Mahad Abib Mahamud (30) his Norwegian citizenship.

Deprived of citizenship after 17 years in Norway: I’m Norwegian. I go nowhere

on Friday, told TV 2 the story of bioingeniøren who have lived in Norway for 17 years, but that the UDI will throw out of the country because they believe he lied on the asylum application. They believe to be able to document that he really comes from neighbouring Djibouti, while Mahamud even claim he comes from Somalia.

Clear criteria

Jagland refers to the fact that Norway is bound by the Council of europe’s convention on Nationality. It states that a member state of the Council of europe can’t make a citizen stateless.

– One can not deprive a citizen the citizenship if it leads to that person being stateless. This is the Norwegian authorities are bound by. The european convention on human rights sets out clear criteria for when one can deprive a citizen the citizenship, but you can’t do it if it leads to that person becoming stateless, ” says Jagland.

– Norwegian government trips more and more forward as if they are not bound by international obligations and conventions, he states.

On his Facebook page, write Jagland that he is “eitrende cursed over that making people stateless without law and judgment”.

– Have you forgotten Nansepassene? They were given to those who became stateless after the 1 world war. 500.000 got such a passport and 50 nations recognized them. It was in a time when most nations were depleted after the war. But they had space for the stateless, he writes.

Also, law professor Mads Andenæs, University of Oslo believes that the Asylum decision is not valid and that the Mahad, with great probability, will prevail in the trial, which is set to 21. February.

UDI: Extensive documentation

the UDI emphasises that they do not have the opportunity to comment on the details of Mahamud case, but informs in a message on its website that a citizenship can be revoked if citizenship was granted on the basis of incorrect information.

the Case came to the UDI after the first was investigated by the police. In addition to politietterforskning case has been thoroughly treated by both UDI and UNE. The decision in the case based on extensive documentation, it is stated in the message from the immigration authorities.

Grande about Mahamud-case: We can’t keep on such in Norway

Blogger Sophie Elise is among those who have gone to the frontal attack against integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug after it was known that Mahamud sent out, but the UDI-lit Sunday that they passed a resolution in the case in 2015. Listhaug was first immigration and integreringsminister 16. December of that year.

Listhaug have the weekend off several intervjuforespørsler from VG, with reference to the fact that she did not have the opportunity to answer questions. She has instead chosen to comment on the case in a longer post on his own blog. The prime minister Erna Solberg.


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