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GBL-indicted: – Thought I ordered the soap – NRK

the Thought that this could be used for something other than a chemical cleaning solution has been completely removed for me, ” explained the man as he started his explanation in the Drammen city court Thursday.

He denies, therefore, straffskyld for narkotikainnførsel.

I had been recommended cleaner that is very effective and first ordered 200 gallons and then the new 600 litres.

– Got shock when the police came

the 52-year-old explains in court that he got shock when the police came to the company in one of the Spokes-the municipalities when they held on to tap the fabric over in the smaller jugs. He says he constantly has cooperated with police and has not had anything to hide.

– I did not know that any of this could be punishable. I had imported cleaner from China, and had kept it completely open in the company.

EXPLANATION: the 52-year-old explained about their orders of what he believes was the soap from China in the Drammen city court.

Photo: Kate Barth-Nilsen / NRK

The other defendant, the man’s 30-year-old relative, admits partial straffskyld. He should explain himself to the court later on Thursday.

the 52-year-old explains that the 30-year-old relatives helped himself of a barrel filled with 200 litres of the substance that was imported from China in the autumn of 2014. But he says he’s no idea what this would be used for.

Later he got to know that the 30-year-old sold some of it on to a treningsmiljø.

Large seizures

The two men sitting indicted in Oregon district court on charges of having smuggled 600 litres of the drug GBL to Norway. According to the police led to the phone tapping to the unveiling of the largest illegal importation of the drug.

This is according to the statistics from Kripos, the largest enkeltbeslaget of drugs in 2015, said district attorney Kristin Røhne when she started her introduction to court.

SHALL be recognised: district attorney Kristin Røhne tells us that during the trial will be discussed how dangerous the drug is.

Photo: Harald Inderhaug / NRK

They are also accused of having introduced and sold 200 litres of the drug in 2014, therefore, is based on a total of 800 litres.

Questioning the men in the trap

Police questioning men in a trap when the drug came with boat to Norway from China in may 2015. The contents of the three barrels of 600 liters was replaced with water before they were sent to the men.

SEIZED: these were the barrels with 600 litres of GBL police stopped on the way into Norway and replaced the contents with water.

Photo: Police / Screenshot from NNPF

How the investigation was going on, a detective from the police to tell about in court Friday.

Seizures of GHB/GBL

the First half of 2016:

  • Seized 227 litres of GHB/GBL distributed on 222 seizures.
  • Both the number of seizures and the seized amount is roughly the average for the last 5-year period.


  • Seized 970 litres of GHB/GBL distributed at 490 seizures.
  • the Amount is a record high compared with the previous year, but it is caused by rekordbeslaget of 600 litres.
  • For the other is both the number of seizures and seized quantity approximately on the average for the last five years.

Source: Kripos

there should also be played by the audio recordings from wiretapping which according to police was an important part of the investigation.

Refuses straffskyld

Jonny Sveen, defends to the 52-year-old, says that the client is his refuses straffskyld.

– He admits to nothing. He says that everything he has done, he has done as a part of its business. Thus, there is no straffskyld in what he says, he lacks the subjective guilt. He has not done this with any intent.

Facts about GHB/GBL:

  • GHB (gammahydroksybutyrat) is a depressant drug that was previously used as a drug.
  • Identified as the drug in Norway at the end of the 1990s.
  • Easy to reproduce illegally both as a powder and liquid.
  • GBL (gammabutyrolacetone) is a concentrate of GHB.
  • When ingested in the body GBL is converted to GHB.
  • the Effects of GHB and GBL can be compared with alkoholrus.

Source:Bergensklinikkene/the Norwegian directorate of Health

GBL can also be used on the associated view as the cleanser, but the prosecution believes that this case has evidence that the defendant knew that the drug should not be used as a cleanser. It explains the district attorney Kristin Røhne.

the Prosecution believes that this drug was intended out of this environment based as a drug. In addition to the legal purpose, it is also on drugs list.

the issue of guilt will be decided in the course of four days.

– It will bevisførselen view. We will keep on with in four days. then we’ll take a position to it then, ” says Røhne.


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