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Deprived of citizenship after 17 years in Norway: – I’m Norwegian. I go no … – VG

the UDI has made Mahad Abib Mahamud (30) stateless, but bioingeniøren is strong in the belief that he will be in the country he has lived for the past 17 years.

– the Management has taken the life of me. Mentally, I am completely destroyed, but I bite the teeth together. I know what I stand for, ” says a touched, but made Mahamud to VG.

Then the VG meetings bioingeniøren ” he smiles wide when he talks about life in Norway and love to the country he feels like a part of. After that TV 2 on Friday described the case that the UDI will throw him out, he feels a need for rose to go.

– I don’t want historical subject my country Norway. I’m Norwegian and protects Norwegian interests. Here I have lived most of my life and it is here that I belong to. I’m from bristol rovers.

As a minor asylum seeker came Mahad to Norway 17 years ago. He told he was from war-torn Somalia. Since then he has educated himself, had a family and got herself a permanent job as bioingeniør at Oslo university hospital.

Then came the letter from the UDI that changed everything: They claimed he lied on the asylum application and that he really comes from neighbouring Djibouti. He loses the citizenship and 20. January clear right to work.

I understood nothing. It was very tough and hard to swallow. An indescribable feeling, ” says 30-year-old about the reaction after reading the UDI decision.

Grande about Mahamud-case: – We can’t keep on such in Norway

Difficult struggle against UDI

Mahamud shows VG documents that he has given to the UDI. Among these is what he tells is a letter from the Somalia’s minister for internal security, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, which states that Mahamud is from Somalia.

He also shows a letter that says that the Oslo-police henla investigation of him for allegedly having lied in an application for asylum, in march 2015.

the 30-year-old says it is difficult to fight against the UDI when they reject all of his evidence as a lie and fabrikasjoner.

They say Somalia is not to to rely on, but it that doesn’t match is that the dealer returavtale with the same people that go good for me.

Will set the “unfair” critics of the space: Listhaug tired of the nazi-stamp

Komunikasjonsdirektør Ingeborg Grimsmo in the UDI did not want to comment on the case Saturday night.

the Case continues under the image.

<p>DEPRIVED of CITIZENSHIP: Mahad Abib Mahamud says his life has been turned på head after the message that the UDI has deprived him of his Norwegian citizenship. </p>

DEPRIVED of CITIZENSHIP: Mahad Abib Mahamud says his life has been turned on its head after the message that the UDI has deprived him of his Norwegian citizenship.

Photo: Gøran Bohlin, VG

Disagree with Listhaug

According to TV 2′s information, the UDI has been to keep around 200 positions for which they got under the asylkrisen, against the clear guidance from the Sylvi Listhaug that the employees shall review the old cases which to uncover people who lied in their applications.

Listhaug don’t want to comment on Mahamuds case to the VG, but discuss the debate about asylinstruksen with their followers on Facebook, where she among other things writes that “it is good for the rule of law in the current system”.

The meaning doesn’t share the 30-year-old who grew up in the bristol rovers.

– No, we have separate powers from each other. The UDI can not have the defendant, the executive and the judicial power. This we had the about in high school.

seen? As much, noah’s on the Joners campaign against Listhaug

Thank Sophie Elise

Mahamud says he is overwhelmed by the massive support he has received from colleagues, friends and family. He is also grateful to blogger Sophie Elise Isachsen, who in a blog post titled “Now it’s fuck me enough,” rages against Sylvi Listhaug and the treatment of Mahamud.

– She has stretched out a hand to me and helped me. She speaks for a whole group who are struggling and who don’t get to highlight the issue. So thank you to her.

Read the big interview: Sophie Elise abused on the net

Actor Kristoffer Get, that also recently went to the frontal attack on Listhaug, also get praise from the 30-year-old. The common people on the streets have also made contact.

I met a strange man who gave me a warm hug. I was so happy and relieved, so I gave him a proper hug back. It warms the heart, ” says Mahamud.

this? Sophie Elise reviewer “Mannegruppa Ottar”-members

I am Norwegian

Mahamud has appealed the decision and the 21. February, the court must take the position to which country he immigrated from.

In the court will Utlendingsnemndas lawyer put the emphasis on the Mahamuds language skills and interviews of family and ekskone, which they believe weakens the Mahamuds explanation, writes Klassekampen, who has followed the case since may of last year.

On the question from the newspaper about Mahamud can be djiboutisk, when Djibouti has said that he is not a citizen, black seksjonssjef Georg Magne Rønnevig in the UNE the following Saturday:

Both the police, UDI and Une mean that Mahad Mahamud has given false information about their nationality. We believe that he most likely is a citizen of Djibouti, and can return there.

the 30-year-old, who is highly concerned about the Norwegian geography and history, describes the situation he finds himself in as a “hell of process”.

21. February is the king Harald’s birthday, so I hope I can celebrate after the first day of court hearings.

He has been sleeping little lately, but hope the conflict with the UDI, as he reviews who is the nightmare, soon is over.

– I’m Norwegian. I’m going to no places.


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