Saturday, January 14, 2017

Denied a job after 17 years in Norway – ABC News

– I’m from bristol rovers! But suddenly, overnight, I have been a foreigner. A stateless man, ” says bioingeniøren Mahad Adib Mahamud to TV2.

14 years old, he came as a single, minor asylum seeker to Norway. After each provided him education and began a family.

The past few years he has had steady work as bioingeniør at Ullevål hospital.

Now everything is turned on its head. 20. January he loses right to work. Citizenship is forfeited. The house in Nittedal is sold.

Stateless without any rights

Even though Mahad has documents showing that he is from Somalia, believes the UDI that he spoke true when he got the Norwegian citizenship. UDI claims he originally comes from neighbouring Djibouti, the government of Djibouti rejects.

Now, he is stateless. Without the rights.

– Why should I be sent on the street? Can’t I just get help. Now I can’t go to the doctor if I get sick. I don’t have social security numbers that can prove who I am, ” says the 30-year-old to the TV 2.

Left: – Pure Kafka-process


Left-leader Trine Skei Grande

the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande is upset.

This is a clean, Kafka-process. We can’t keep on such in the Uk that people are being deprived of the citizenship without law, and judgment. This is a person who is well integrated in Norway, and who is a key person in the Norwegian health care system. I am baffled very on the use of resources when such people are persecuted in this way, ” says Grande to VG.

– Listhaug: Reasonable and fair

Integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (progress party) refuses to allow himself to be interviewed about the case, but writes on Facebook.

“Those who cheat to stay and citizenship must be discovered and shipped out. It is both sensible and fair. It is good rule of law in the current system,” writes Listhaug, and continues:

“TV2 represent this as a hjerterå case, and I understand well why people react! It is not so that people are deprived of citizenship without proof. It is also so that they can take the case further, both the appeals board and the courts.”

socialist left Heikki Holmås responds as follows:

– It is to deprive some of the citizenship is one of the most serious a government can do. We must ensure legal protection garanties to those who receive the state against itself. Therefore, it is important that it is that is the courts that adopts this treatment, says Holmås to the TV 2.

director of Communications, Ingeborg Grimsmo in the UDI has not wanted to comment on the case Saturday night.


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