Monday, January 2, 2017

Waiting storms in several counties – can be full storm on the west coast – VG

the Norwegian Meteorological institute has sent out a CAUTION alert for the west coast south of Stad and the Sunnmøre due to heavy wind on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It will be difficult driving conditions, primarily in mountain passes. This applies to Aust-Agder, Telemark, Buskerud and Oppland. It is difficult to say, but it will probably be the worst of the west in the area, says the on-duty meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological institute, Ingrid Bentsen, VG.

The difficult driving conditions due to strong winds in combination with snow.

NOTE-the notification is, in addition to the counties Bentsen mentions, sent out for the west coast south of Stad and the Sunnmøre.

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Improving from Wednesday

On the west coast to the south of the City is expected north-westerly small storm on Tuesday. It can short-lived be full storm, with gusts of between 25-30 metres per second in the inner regions.

the Wind will gradually decrease from Wednesday, according to the Norwegian Meteorological institute. Also in these areas it could be difficult driving conditions at the mountain passes.

In the inner regions of Sunnmøre there may be gusts to between 20 and 25 m/s. Here the wind will decrease late Tuesday afternoon. It is reported difficult driving conditions in the local areas.

– It is probably Sogn and Fjordane who gets it the worst, but it is short-lived, ” says Bentsen by the Norwegian Meteorological institute, and adds:

the Wind will gradually diminish throughout the country on Wednesday morning.


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