Monday, January 2, 2017

The trial against Jensen and Cappelen for open doors – Folkebladet

Oslo (NTB): Spesialenheten for police matters will not appeal the decision that the explanations to Eirik Jensen and medtiltalte Gjermund Cappelen will go for the open doors when the trial starts next week.

It informs the prosecutor Guro Kleppe to the VG.

Spesialenheten for polititsaker wanted basically closed doors during both the defendant’s explanations and justified this with the aim to cappelen in his security. They believe there is a danger of Cappelen and his family’s life and health if it becomes known that he has given information to the police. The district court dismissed the petition, and Spesialenheten appealed the ruling to the court of appeal. Borgarting court of appeal was the appeal, however, rejected the little christmas day.

This ruling is now also standing.

Drug and korrupsjonssaken against Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen begins in Oslo district court 9. January. It is set by the entire 16 days of the defendant’s explanations.

Eirik Jensen has all the time wanted to have open doors during his explanation, while Gjermund Cappelen has supported Spesialenhetens desire closed doors. (©NTB)


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