Friday, January 13, 2017

The left-peaks reject the Rajas regjeringsforslag – NRK

In an internal memo takes the Left-the delegate argued that the party should consider going into government. The proposal is being discussed in the party’s parliamentary group and sentralstyre, which is collected at the Soria Moria hotel in Oslo.

NRK has spoken with 17 of the party’s 18 fylkesledere. 15 of them say that they are opposed to the proposal, while the two respond that they are unsafe.

– the ability to sit in the government, is that you get more power and becomes more visible. But konfliktlinjen in individual cases with the Frp is too big for that I see that it is possible, ” says Erik Hørlück Berg in Buskerud Left.

Nor Torgeir Fossli in Telemark Left to have faith in the regjeringssamarbeid now.

I think it is completely unrealistic. It is soon only half a year left until the election. No one has the interest to change the government now, ” says Fossli.

Open for collaboration with the Ap

All fylkeslederne NRK have talked with, with the exception of one, says it is the best that the Left goes to the choice of a blue-green government. Most also believe that this is a realistic mindretallsalternativ that can grab support from both the left and the right in individual cases.

But given that the Frp is fixed by the fact that the party will not support a government of the progress party itself is not a part of, opens up more of the fylkeslederne in the Left of that party can work with Labour after the election.

– It presents itself as a better alternative. It is very much resistance to the Frp in the Left, and especially here locally. Especially after budsjettforhandlingene is samarbeidsklimaet worsened, ” says Leif Wasskog in Finnmark Left.

Other fylkesledere are skeptical of a collaboration with the Ap, among them is Kjartan Alexander Lunde in Stavanger to the Left.

– We see that the Labour party ever has voted against proposals from the Left and opposed our policy when we have tried to cooperate. With the bourgeois we have a lot of good, ” says Lunde.

below threshold

the Radio januarmåling was gloomy reading for the Left. With 3.9 per cent support ports party under the threshold, and the bourgeois majority bust. Admittedly, the party has been over the threshold at the other measurements the last time, but there is little doubt that the party live dangerous with a view to reach the critical 4-prosentgrensen.

Deputy of the Left, Ola Elvestuen, believes the most important thing is that the party is united in the goal of a government consisting of Right, Left, and Sector.

– Remember that we will have a full election campaign, and that it is fully possible for the three parties to be so great together that it forms the basis for a shift, says Elvestuen.


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