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Several met the wolf in the neighborhood in Rælingen – VG

Several residents in Rælingen got blikkontakt and a close encounter with wolves on Sunday. Mom Linda Merete Aasen found it best to shout the children innomhus when the wolf came into the garden.

Kids were out and playing and went on skates on the ice when they saw something that flailed over around in isråken down by the river. Upon closer inspection we saw that it was a wolf, ” tells Aasen to VG.

the Wolf came on land and walked calmly towards the house to Linda and Morgan Grindheim north of Årnestangen in Rælingen on the Interpretation.

Therefore found it safest to rope the kids into the house. They think it was an exciting outdoor experience, and was not afraid, according to her mother. The wolf behaved very calm, describes Aasen. It came all the way into the garden, and took then the course against a skogkledt slope in the vicinity.

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Morgan Grindheim found out that he would follow after the wolf, and at the distance he had photographed the wolf in the slope some distance from the house.

– I whistled at the wolf, and then turned it against me in ca. 20 meters distance, describes Grindheim. He is amazed how quiet and shy he seemed, he says to VG.

<p>NÆRKONTAKT: På ca. five feet away from the car window, could Vidar Tveterhagen from Rælingen shoot the wolf just after the clock 13 in the heart of på bright day, søndag.</p>

CLOSE encounters: approx. five feet away from the car window, could Vidar Tveterhagen from Rælingen shoot the wolf just after the clock 13 in the middle of the bright day on Sunday.

Photo:, Vidar Tveterhagen

a Few minutes after came Vidar Tveterhagen driving in his car on the Heknessletta by highway 120 in Rælingen. There he saw what probably is the same wolf out on a field.

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Adam turned his car, drove the 400 metres home, brought a camera and drove back. To all luck, was the same wolf in the field, and Tveterhagen could snap the photos you see in the VG.

Took the picture from the car

<p>PHOTOGRAPHER: Vidar Tveterhagen is an avid båthe outdoor man and nature photographer. But wolf, he has never photographed før.</p>

PHOTOGRAPHER: Vidar Tveterhagen is an avid both outdoor man and nature photographer. But wolf, he has never photographed before.

Photo:, Private

the Wolf stood about the same place as where I saw it. I took the image out through the side window, tells Tveterhagen to VG.

He was not afraid, but noticed that he trembled a little when he got close-ups and a rare close encounter with the wolf.

the Norwegian nature inspectorate have received several messages about the wolf in this area in the weekend, according to Jan H. Wilberg of the Norwegian nature inspectorate (SNO).

<p>CALM: the Wolf photographed the på a field by the highway 120 på Heknesletta in Ræ..</p>

QUIET: the Wolf photographed in a field by the highway 120 on the Heknesletta in Rælingen.

Photo:, Vidar Tveterhagen

It is completely obvious wolf that is in the pictures, ” says Wilberg, VG. He has seen the pictures that Morgan Grindheim took in Rælingen Sunday.

Wilberg believe it is the same wolf that has been observed previously in Batangas, in the Fet and Rælingen.

– It seems not afraid of people, there are probably a wanderer, a little young, curious and stupid wolf, describes Jan H. Wilberg, who is regionansvarlig in the Norwegian nature inspectorate, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold.

do not track

He says the SNO will not make the tracking of ungulven when there is little snow and difficult sporingsforhold in the area.

Wilberg says there is no reason to be afraid of the wolf, but also no reason to consult it or go against it. Don’t do that with wild animals, according to ulveeksperten.

Vidar Tveterhagen, who took the pictures of the wolf on the Heknessletta in Rælingen, has been in the ongoing political ulvedebatten about to take out the wolf that exceeds the ceiling on the wolf population.

despite nærmøte with Rælingen-wolf, he is crystal clear:

– I is for a management of predators. When the wolf shrimp around in the neighbourhoods of our, then it’s gone too far, ” says Tveterhagen to VG.


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