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Sejersted: Breivik recalled media strategy – tried to be funny in the right – VG

SKIEN (VG) According to the prison is ” open about the fact that he takes on a role in the right to create attention.

During his innledningsforedrag, read regjeringsadvokat Fredrik Sejersted from several internal reports from Skien prison, where Breivik should have been very open about its strategy to employees in prison.

By the oversight had two officers a longer conversation. It was all about media strategy. Breivik explained that he took upon himself a mask to gain attention. He came with statements of Fjordland and cold coffee in the right order to create awareness, so that others may read the manifesto and what he meant, read the attorney general’s office.

BACKGROUND: Therefore appealed to both state and Breivik on the judgment

Complained about the Fjordland

During the first civil trial in Oslo district court, where Breivik was successful in that the state had violated the human rights of his, he explained himself in detail all klagemålene towards the prison.

I was forced to the intake of the Fjordlands cheapest products, sometimes the same dinner twice in a row. One might think that this is unimportant, but all from Oslo West will agree that this is worse than waterboarding, said Breivik at the time.

To employees in the prison he said that he had to have seemed “completely remove” for the people who read the titles, but that he hoped that someone would read on and see what he stood for politically.

After the trial in april 2016, he was very keen to talk with all the employees, so that they understood that he played a role during the trial, ” says the attorney.

Psychiatrist on Breivik: – He comes with nonsense and make it to

Would be humorous

In October of last year, he spoke with an employee about the upcoming trial, which started today. Among other things, to Breivik have told it could be a conflict between him and the defender Øystein Storrvik.

the Lawyer had a goal to win the case, but that the most important thing for Breivik was to appear as a confident and great leader. He would not appear as a victim. Breivik also said that he obtained two humorous moments through to talk about the cold coffee and fjordland, and that nazihilsenen created an image that will last for many years, read Sejersted from the report.

Psychiatrist Henning Værøy said to VG at the time that He appeared as an immature narcissist, and that the purpose was to attract attention.

It is the same person who sits in front of us here today, who sat in the car the morning of the 22. July, we believe, says the attorney general to emphasize why it is important to review how Brevik is planned and carried out the terrorist attacks 22. July 2011.

Again the shake Breivik sharply on the head.

Relief on several measures

Furthermore, in innledningsforedrag, came the attorney general on several of the specific soningstiltakene to Breivik.

He has three cells. On the gym are the treadmill, spinningsykkel, multitreningsapparat and exercise mat. On studiecellen, there is a desk, electric typewriter, korktavle and stressless with a foot stool. On bocellen he has access to TV with DVD, Playstation, newspapers, magazines, and books, puzzles and a discman.

In the summer he gained admission to the visits of the lawyer without a glass wall between them, but with gitterport. All private conversations are bugged in its entirety, but not the conversations with a lawyer, ” says Sejersted.

He also believes that there have been far fewer nakenundersøkelser of Breivik, and that he both receive and send several hundred letters.

In total, this shows that the soningsforholdene and the measures are dynamic and evolve over time, ” says the attorney.

He has also made contact with a new “telefonvennine”, as he speaks with each 14. day on the telephone.


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