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Jensen sent “sunshine”-text messages to Cappelen from the police … – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): Spesialenheten for police matters has taken the seizure of approximately 1500 text messages that were sent between Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen.

They believe the messages such as “still here”, “control” and “sunshine” were messages to the Cappelen that the “coast was clear”, and that it would then be possible to smuggle marijuana over the border closest to risk free.

Jensen has explained that he used a separate phone to informantkontakt, and that it was this he used to communicate with Cappelen. But the Newspaper knows that Spesialenheten also sits on several text messages that Jensen sent to Cappelen where he used tjenestetelefon his in the police. All of these should have had værmetaforer, as “sunshine”. The messages were sent at times when it did not happen some hasjinnførsel.

- Forces the explanation

Jensen’s defenders believe the fact that he sent the messages from tjenestetelefonen strengthens the explanation that the messages about the “sunshine” were codes related to the informantvirksomheten.

If he can send such messages from tjenestetelefonen, so it may not be to talk about to report that the coast is clear, ” says lawyer Arild Holden, one of Jensen’s three defenders, to the Newspaper.

Jensen has explained that “sunshine”-messages was to be able to protect Cappelen, such as when he was face to face with criminals of people, so that he could know that he would not pågripes there and then. Jensen has explained that Cappelen was the source of his, and that he did not want he should be arrested when he was looking to retrieve information that could be useful for the police. Cappelen has rejected Jensen’s explanation.

Jensen has made something Cappelen thinks is monstrous claims about the informantvirksomhet. It does not entail correctness, ” says cappelen in his defense, attorney Benedict de Vibe.

- If Cappelen were so valuable as informant, what did he leave for it? If he was the world’s best informant, should he not then honoreres for it?

Spesialenheten have seized 38 by cappelen in his phones, and a large number of SIM-cards.

According to VG mean Spesialenheten that Jensen got rid of a telephone, shortly before he was arrested in February 2014. In a ruling from the Oslo district court from may 2014 it was also that Jensen had got rid of a telephone that he had been in communication with Cappelen.

Was the coast clear?

As the Newspaper wrote on Thursday, believes Jensen’s defenders that he was not in a position to report that the “coast was clear”, partly because he had not had access to information from the Customs service. Employees at the Police and the customs office in Oslo, norway-police have also confirmed that they never have seen anything suspicious from the Jensen page.

- Whether all Jensen has provided information to Cappelen is right – it doesn’t know Cappelen either. But it may be that Jensen would have to say it to legitimize pengesummene he got, says the Vibe to the Newspaper.

Defender: - Large parts of it Jensen is accused of, he can not possibly have utført Dagbladet Plus

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