Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jensen must fight for credibility – Daily

Spesialenheten for police matters and the medtiltalte Gjermund Cappelen (50) claim Eirik Jensen (59) over a number of years was an important piece in securing the entry of large amounts of hashish to Norway.

which of the two, the policeman or “hasjbaronen”, which has the greatest credibility, the big question in the trial.


When Cappelen was arrested in 2013, was the policeman the only one he named in his large network of helpers built up to ensure narkohandelen. Others already sentenced in the case, shall not, however, have been set at the equivalent of the way of Cappelen.

Eirik Jensen was highly recognized for his kildearbeid in criminal environments in Oslo, but was charged with and prosecuted for having abused his position over many years. On Monday he meets in court on charges of gross corruption and of complicity to the importation of 13,9 tonnes of cannabis resin. He risks 21 years in prison.

the Defenders have long stated that the entire case centers in the fact that some want to frame politispaneren that in many years the well-known Oslo’s criminal environments from the inside.

First time

the Indictment is serious because it concerns the contribution to the gross drug offences and gross corruption – and because it applies a large amount of marijuana and a significant undue advantage and a long period of time, ” says assistant chief Guro Glærum Kleppe in Spesialenheten for police matters to the NTB.

A two-year long and painstaking investigation resulted in the attorney general put his approval on the evidence the prosecution believes will lead to the conviction of politilederen. It is the first time since Spesialenheten was created in 2005, that the device has asked the director of public prosecutions to decide tiltalespørsmålet.

– We must be convinced about the siktedes straffskyld and convinced that this must be proven in court. So we add the same bevisterskelen to the reason that the court makes when considering a case. It is there that every reasonable doubt should come to charged for good, ” explains assistant riksadvokat Knut Erik Sæther of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.


According to associate professor Synnøve Ugelvik by the Institute for public law at the University in Oslo, it is unlikely that there is as much prestige in the matter is that it to get Jensen sentenced, is more important than the rule of law.

Prestige is not a legitimate justification. It is either allowed or likely that the attorney general would take out the indictment on that basis, ” says Ugelvik, who has worked at the director of public prosecutions.

My impression of the director of public prosecutions is that they have very high level of competence and that it is very good and thorough assessments that are applied. They are looking for justice and not to put as many people as possible in prison, ” says Ugelvik to the NTB.

Technical evidence

To have the prosecution taken over 80 witnesses in the case. Together with the witnesses the defenders have notified, up to 150 people to explain themselves in the Oslo city court.

In addition to the defendant’s explanations and depositions, it will be presented to the documentary evidence. Much of the bevisførselen will revolve around the technical track: Teledata, and SMS is proving according to the prosecution that Jensen, in different ways, gave the warning or go-ahead in connection with the arrival of many large hasjpartier.

the Defenders have so far parert this with the fact that the messages were any markup that is common among spanere. This will be discussed further in court.



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