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Jagland cursed of Norwegian asylum policy – the Newspaper.en

Council of europe’s secretary general Thorbjørn Jagland went on Sunday four miles of skiing in the black Forest, all the time “eitrende cursed” of Norwegian asylum policy.

prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) emphasizing on their side, that neither the practice or the law is changed.

Former prime minister Thorbjørn Jagland writes on their Facebook pages on Sunday that “in Norway trips you up more and more as if you do not have international obligations”.

this measure comes after the UDI and UNE will deprive a 30-year-old bioingeniør citizenship because both they and the police believe he has talked false about his real country of origin when he applied for asylum and when he applied for citizenship in Norway, which he received in 2008.

UDI is also considering to revoke the citizenship of 500 others who they believe do not have spoke the truth.

Jagland depicting skiing in the black Forest, with minus five degrees and one meter of snow:

– It was four miles, all the time eitrende cursed over that making people stateless without law, and judgment. Have you forgotten Nansenpassene? They were given to those who became stateless after the 1 world war. 500.000 got such a passport and 50 nations recognized them. It was in a time when most nations were depleted after the war. But they had space for the stateless,” writes an outraged eksstatsminister.

Regulations not been changed

prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) was also released on social media Sunday, and she is not quite agree with Jagland.

Regulations concerning the revocation of citizenship, is not changed by the government. UDI adopts its decisions in an independent, professional basis, writing Solberg on his blog Sunday.

Where printer the prime minister that she has “a need to clarify some important things about the treatment of such matters.”

– It is the immigration authorities, i.e. the directorate of Immigration or the Immigration appeals board – and possibly the courts, considering the facts in such cases, it will say whether the person spoke the truth, and if it can be documented that he or she comes from a country other than the one specified, writes Solberg.

– Law UDI has responded to the open for that citizenship can be revoked if the decision is based on incorrect information. This may be that the applicant towards the better knowledge have given the incorrect information, says the prime minister.

the Current law on citizenship was adopted in 2005 when the Liberal Odd Einar Dørum was minister of justice.

– Act which includes the revocation of citizenship has been fixed for many years and under different governments, says Solberg.

In accordance with Norway’s obligations

Solberg rejects the allegations made in the press about that one is without rights when deprived of citizenship.

– whoever gets the citizenship revoked, have the opportunity to have the matter tried in the appeals board and then in the courts. The parliament rejected to have a foreldelsesfrist when the act was passed, when it is about cases where it is granted citizenship where it should never have been made.

Solberg rejects completely Jaglands representation of the case

– the Act is in line with our obligations. To revoke the citizenship that is granted on the basis of incorrect information is contrary to the conventions.

Since 2012, 135 people received the recalled Norwegian citizenship.


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