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Hoppsjefen about the episode that almost cost him his life: – I gremmes still – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

Clas Brede Bråthen came into the hopplandslaget as a 17-year-old, but wasted karrièren.

I gremmes still, says sportssjefen. He lay lifeless after the famous fyllekjøringen in Hinterzarten in the autumn of 1989.

Bråthen was 20 years old at the time, he and his teammate Jon Inge Kjørum ran out. The previous season had the hopper from scunthorpe utd established themselves in the world cup with third place in Sapporo and lagsølv during the ski world CHAMPIONSHIP in Lahti.

* the Born 28. november in 1968 (48 years)

* Former Norwegian landslagshopper

* Married to Hege Bråthen

* Four children: Roberta (23), Sindre (19), Selma (7) and Sirius (2, 3, the 7. January)

* Best location in the world cups: 3.-place in Sapporo (88/89)

* On the Norwegian world cup team that took the silver medal in Lahti in 1989, together with Magne Johansen, Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl and Jon Inge Kjørum.

* Let up in 1996. Later been the coach for kids and active in buskerudhopp. In hoppkomiteen in 2001.

* Took over as sportssjef jumping in the Norwegian ski federation in 2004 by Jan-Erik Aalbu.

I had all the opportunities, but wrapped it’s insane to. I did so many dustete things in place to work relentless and use all the opportunities I had for me. I try to contribute to that people don’t do as many stupid things as I did, ” says the 48-year-old.

I threw away karrièren my – right down the toilet. The incident was just The final touch to your over all idiotien I did. It was not so much the partying, but I took such bad care of the opportunity I provided had provided me.

Sportssjef Clas Brede Bråthen in a good mood together with his son Sirius and hoppveteran Tom Hilde during a training. (Photo: Bendiksby, Terje / NTB scanpix)

Sportssjef Clas Brede Bråthen in a good mood together with his son Sirius and hoppveteran Tom Hilde during a training. Photo: Bendiksby, Terje / NTB scanpix

Tande has never seen the role model in action: – Got to hear the stories at the museum

Thought his best friend was dead

It was after hoppernes sommeravslutning in Hinterzarten that Kjørum sat behind the wheel in Germany with Bråthen in the passenger side. The trip could have been fatal.

When I saw the pictures of the car I got a new shock. It is completely unfathomable that I survived, so the car looked on the page I set. The norwegians who quickly came to, said there seemed to be no hope for me when I was outside of the wreck, tells a frank Bråthen more than 27 years after the scandal that rocked the Norwegian sports.

I asked the nurses about Jon Inge, but got no answer. When I was completely sure that he was dead. It is some of the worst minutes I’ve had in life. You think your best friend is dead, but I did eventually hear that he was just more easily injured.

Bråthen was lårbeinsbrudd and was unconscious for half a day.

I was about to be a good international athlete. I was placed quite considerably back in two years skademessig. I jumped with a margnagle in the leg, that went from the hipbone and a halvmeter down. First, in the summer of 1991 they took it out. I actually won international skirenn with it in my legs and jumped 154 meters in Kulm. The doctor that operated me said that I never got to jump on skis again, but I was a pretty good jumps in 1993/94. Karrièren was never that it could have been, acknowledge Bråthen.

Therefore think sportssjefen that Tande can be hoppsportens Lund Image

Disappointed parents

He tells of a ukultur in Norwegian elite sport.

I had almost not touched alcohol before I came into the top echelons of Norwegian hoppsport. It was where he was familiar with it. It was a ukultur, I believe. It was not so much, it was not all the time, but it does not belong any place at home that you landslagssamling and have so-called socializing. It could have stood party, for that was what it was. It’s got Jon Inge and I wound up, so anything good we helped, ” says Bråthen.

– They got the shock of all that was around us. I came on the team as a 17-year-old. I was not mature enough to use the opportunity to develop myself. The system was not well enough to take care of the people who were not smart enough even. I owe not anyone other than myself, but someone should put his foot down. The way I put it on from the time I was 17 to 21 years, gremmes I above.

– It is kjipt to know that this put the mother and father and so on. They never went in and stopped me. They would probably it, but they wanted me to learn. I feel a bit sorry for them, especially after I became a father himself. All the misery I inflicted upon others, I should like to have undone, ” says Bråthen.

Clas Brede Bråthen felt that the people turned their back on him after he and Jon Inge Kjørum ran out in the fulness of god. (Photo: Bendiksby, Terje / NTB scanpix)

Clas Brede Bråthen felt that the people turned their back on him after he and Jon Inge Kjørum ran out in the fulness of god. Photo: Bendiksby, Terje / NTB scanpix

Norwegian victory in nyttårshopprennet: – For an achievement

People turned their back to

He tells us that many turned him back after the episode in Hinterzarten. Bråthen tells how grateful he is for that previous storhopper Ole Bremseth took care of him.

I was very well taken care of Ole Bremseth, then a trainer in Vikersund. He knew me well and leave to the right. Without him I had probably not managed to come back which I did. The same applied to father. They cared and helped me back, in a period where many turned their back to. I had done something very stupid, as I never tried to hide. I was embarrassed by it, but was the same boy who would just jump on the skis. You can imagine how it is when people stop to say hello and do not want to have anything more to do with you, ” says Bråthen.

Now he has great success as sportssjef. It was not in the mind after the fateful car journey in October 1989.



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