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He is Behring Breivik’s besøksvenn (48): – I need to see easily on it. He has … – Aftenposten

– Every Tuesday, my job is to try to make your day a little better for the monarchy perhaps the most foraktede person, said the 48-year-old to court Friday.

90 times the theologian who is a priest in The Norwegian church met massedrapsmannen behind the glass wall.

– We will get quickly into the major themes. There is a steady stream of things to talk about to Europe and the world evolves, said besøksvennen.

He didn’t want to be taken picture of and Aftenposten does not use his name because he didn’t want personal exposure.

– Has rarely given and received so much objections

To the right he said that Behring Breivik and he is talking about the economic times of crisis, politics, flyktningstrømmen, history, ideologies, theories, psychiatry, and also the terrorist attacks 22. July.

We have talked about the way forward for the insane day.

Besøksvennen says he believes in correction, discussion and testing of ideas.

I have seldom given and received so much objections, he said the talks with the terrorist.

Searched not on the job

He said that the special mission was unexpected.

I searched not on the job. It came suddenly and unexpectedly that it appeared.

It was an acquaintance who works in the prison that said him towards the prison authorities. He said yes.

a total of 23. July 2011, he had a strong desire to “understand who, what, and why”, he said as he got questions about why he wants to be besøksvenn.

I need to see easily on it. He has a claim on human contact, ” says the 48-year-old.

no later than Friday got a supportive text message that said: “Everyone needs someone to talk with”, he explained right.

Although he appears the mission is challenging and that he has a vested interest.

− It enhances my experience and gives me insight into a world that is very different than mine, he said.

In all the 90 meetings with massedrapsmannen have besøksvennen had with him a pen from the Sundvolden hotel, the same hotel where relatives and survivors gathered after the terror attack on Utøya island..

– Push I took to the first meeting and have used the greatest seen since, never to lose sight of what it’s about here, ” he said.

the Calls described besøksvennen as follows:

We are fremoverlente, eager, interrupt each other and laugh, he said.

– Experience it as meaningful, the solicitor would Hilde Ruus with the Attorney general know.

– Yes. I feel that good communication about important issues where we are winning new ground and gradually open up to more genuine communication and relationship, he said.

Isolation and corrections was the subject

Appreciative nod, glance and smile to each other.

as they went forward in the courtroom in Skien Friday, it was far from difficult to see that the state advokatlag was well satisfied with the answers the witnesses gave.

Massedrapsmannen believe even he has become much more radical in the last few years. The reason is that he has been isolated and “not corrected a single time”.

the Theme is central to both parties in the appeal about soningsforholdene to the bomber, which continued Friday.

Behring Breivik was dismissed in the district court for that soningsregimet and what he believes is the long-term isolation, is the violation of human rights.

– Discussed the terrorist attacks in the prison

But avdelingslederen on the Isa, where Behring Breivik came four days after the terrorist attacks, said that they tried to correct Behring Breivik.

They challenged him on his opinions. Discussed the terror attack.

I challenged him and expressed that I did not understand his way to show his opinions on. He argued against me, said Frank Owned, avdelingslederen of department G at Ila prison and forvaringsanstalt there.

Also in the prison in Skien, where massedrapsmannen zones in the day, they made it, according to the prison itself.

“We have on many occasions discussed what he has done and where he stands today,” said head of department Tore Stenshagen.

None of them thought to have seen some isolasjonsskader, even if it is in the reports from the prisons describes Behring Breivik’s situation as “totally isolated” and “extreme isolation”.

the Doctors have not seen any isolasjonsskader

Nor do any of fengselslegene at the two prisons said that they had seen something to isolasjonsskader.

– He had the symptoms of isolasjonsskader, but have not had isolasjonsskader, said Bjarne Haukeland, who consulted Behring Breivik to 21 times from 26. July 2011 to september 2012.

the Adviser Jørgen Spangen Iversen from Kriminalomsorgsdirektoratet, that during the negotiations, sitting at the civil affairs side, said from the vitneboksen that he counts it certain that Behring Breivik in the future zone in the community with others.


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