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Gjermund Cappelen asked in the interrogation to speak with his kildefører in the police … – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): the Prosecutor Lars Oak Alfheim explained in detail how Gjermund Cappelen explained himself to the police in Asker and Bærum, and how he talked Jensen into the case.

the Day after the Cappelen was arrested, 20. December 2013, he is acknowledging several conditions for the storage of marijuana and money.

He has a conversation with the attorney 22. December and ask about the new interrogation 23. December. Where he talks into a different sidekick. In the interrogation he is asking also about to speak with his kildefører in the police, Eirik Jensen, says Alfheim.

Gjermund Cappelen acknowledged in the Oslo district court today, the penalties for all the points in the indictment. Eirik Jensen refuses the penalties for all the points.

Desired a possible collaboration

cappelen in his hasjpartner was taken in 1995. The district attorney says Cappelen dodged. - Jensen's role here will be illuminated

the Interrogation was carried out 23. December, but was completed by the police first 30. December. When it was sent Cappelen for review, while Cappelen in custody. In printing came Cappelen with handwritten feedback to the police where he can make corrections to the printout.

He writes something about that he want a possible collaboration with the police.

Then have Cappelen three conversations with the investigators in Asker and Bærum 7., 10. and 12. January.

Where he promises to give the information he has and that he will he do something again for it. He asks the police to take contact with his kildefører in Oslo. Police say they are not interested in it, but something else. Cappelen come later back to this, and names when Eirik Jensen, tells Alfheim.

Jensen's boyfriend in court: - It is well for Eirik å lære in the time, but it is tøff ceiling

- Something that he had to call Jensen

a Short time after this is Cappelen questioned by Spesialenheten. Asker and Bærum police district has also not had anything to do with this, ” says Alfheim.

the Newspaper confronts cappelen in his defense, Benedict de Vibe, with opplysnigene that Cappelen of questioning called Jensen for his kildefører. The central point in the trial is whether or not the Eirik Jensen was a medsammensvoren to cappelen in his long and impressive the importation of the drugs to Norway, or about Cappelen was Jensen’s secret politiinformant.

TRIAL: Prosecutors are working to find a significantly larger amount than the ten million is seized from Gjermund Cappelen. Video: NTB Scanpix Show more

- No, he had to call Jensen in the interrogation. He could not exactly say that Jensen was his helper through many years, says the Vibe to the Newspaper.

- the Desire to talk with Jensen while he was apprehended were not fulfilled, says the Vibe.

Jensen and his defenders reject this categorically.

- We see it as very positive that Cappelen described Jensen as its kildefører. It is in line with what Jensen has explained that Cappelen was his informant, ” says Jensen’s defender John Christian Fire to the Newspaper.

district attorney Lars Erik Alfheim says it is difficult to comment on the significance of that Cappelen asked for his “kildefører”.

- It is difficult to comment on it now, he says to Dagbladet.

SUBJECTS: district attorney Lars Erik Alfheim held the first innledningsforedraget in the Oslo district court. Here he talks about cappelen in his motives for skylderkjennelsen. Video: NTB Scanpix Show more

the Newspaper know that Cappelen asked the various requirements of the Spesialenheten to talk about Jensen’s alleged role in the narkonettverket.

He demanded among other things the protection of the family, and would not meet Jensen in court.

the Prosecutor also went through much of the telephone contact between Jensen and Cappelen, such as the police watched over a longer time before the arrest.

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