Monday, January 2, 2017

Finance minister and progress party leader Siv Jensen will on Tuesday hold its first … – Daily

the progress party leader Siv Jensen begins the election year 2017 with live nyttårstale on Facebook Tuesday.

There is a kickstart on a historic election. The progress party, go to the options for the first time as a regjeringsparti, ” says Jensen to the NTB.

While the prime minister and the Right leader Erna Solberg (H) got hold nyttårstalen on live television, Jensen to settle with Facebook. She isn’t hanging with the head of the reason.

Facebook is an important venue that gives you the opportunity to speak directly to their voters and sympathizers. You will get questions on the fly, and there is no one that cuts and destroys what you say. It is uncensored, ” says Jensen.

the Settlement with the Ap

the progress party leader, states that the Labour party is hovedmotstander in the upcoming election and notifies a settlement with the Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre in Tuesday’s speech.

– There is a lot of wobbling from the edge of the day. He has the one meaning to breakfast and a new lunch, ” says Jensen.

She believes Støre is unclear about the oil industry in the Lofoten islands, about asylum and immigration policy and about what regjeringskonstellasjon he goes to the options.

– Red, MDG, SV and the centre party flock around him. It is a nice bouquet, ” says Jensen.

Charged up

Charging to the speech made Jensen away while the government were gathered to strategikonferanse at the Leangkollen hotel in Asker, norway.

– It’s become a tradition that government members gathered at the entrance of a new year to fix our gaze forward and make plans, ” says Jensen.

the election year of 2017 was the theme during the strategikonferansen, so it also will characterize the Frp manager selvinitierte nyttårstale Tuesday.

– It is clear that the election will leave their mark on the political debate forward, ” she says.



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