Sunday, January 1, 2017

Everything went wrong when Mariah Carey should sing the new year in VG

It did not go entirely according to plan when sangstjernen should perform the hit “Emotions” at the Times Square new year’s eve.

pop star Mariah Carey had a quite half-way to begin the new year.

Her performance on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacres” at the Times Square in New York city that was live on TV was because everything else than a success.

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Under the framføringen of the song “Emotions” stopped Carey to sing, and began rather to talk to the audience, while her own voices at times far away in the playback characteristics.

At one point, she asked the audience to complete the text for her. Later, she had to get support when she went down a flight of stairs on the stage.

No properly lydsjekk

– We hear nothing, ” said Carey in the course of the first few seconds of “Emotions”.

She told the audience after that that she had not had any proper lydsjekk.

– We’ll just sing, ” she said again, and pointed out that the hit reached the first place on the charts.

She could not, however, follow the notes, either because she forgot the lyrics or because she would not perform the song when the conditions were not optimal.

– We’ll let the audience sing, she said.

the Reactions did not wait on themselves, and the criticism quickly began to hail on Twitter.

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According to the Los Angeles Times it should have been technical problems that made that performance went as it went.

Sunday morning Norwegian time had Carey the following to say about it all:


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