Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cohabitants are convicted of eldreran in the Oslo Newspaper

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the Verdict in Oslo district court fell just before christmas. A 39-year-old Swedish woman was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, while her 45-year-old roommate got a further two months.

Robbed happened on the morning of Saturday 4. June. According to the police called the on in callinganlegget and posing to be from the police.

Tapped the card

Inside the apartment pushed the woman down on the bed and held her tight, while they took the debit card of her and a patch with the pin code. They were also given with 1.500 million from the woman’s handbag. The woman notified the police immediately after the robbers had gone, but even before the debit card was blocked, was the card tapped for 9.900, respectively.

– the Action overall is completely reprehensible, and allmennpreventive into account makes this type of crime punished severely. It is here about a robbery of an elderly defenceless woman in her own home, a place where she has claimed to be able to feel safe, writes tingrettsdommer Eirik Aas.

Samboerparet was also convicted of aggravated theft by the use of the card, attempted theft and petty larceny. 45-year-old was also condemned for storage of drugs, heleri and the violation of the identifikasjonsplikten.

In line with the assertion

It was a very good straksetterforskning of patruljene on-site in cooperation with the message stated and good investigation in retrospect, that led to good results, ” says the head of ransgruppa in the Oslo police district, Tor Erik Hoøen.

the Ruling was completely in line with the politiadvokat Stian Thommesens claim. Samboerparet been previously convicted for violence and drug offences several times. (©NTB)

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