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Breivik got erotic short stories from the Swedish “boyfriend” – the Newspaper.en

SKIEN (Dagbladet): Regjeringsadvokat Fredrik Sejersted shows Borgarting lagmannsrett examples of the extensive brevkorrespondansen between Anders Behring Breivik (37) and individuals. A number of them are from women who feel the attraction to the terrorist.

There is a very detailed description of how she looks for a sexual contact between her and him. In and of itself well-written.Fredrik Sejersted, regjeringsadvokat

A Swedish woman in the 20-years have sent Breivik 133 letter since February 2012, and the bomber has sent at least 20 letters to her. From what Dagbladet understands, is she the same woman who last year stood up to the French news agency AFP, and declared that she is Breivik’s girlfriend – even though the two have never met in person.

UNDERS CENSORSHIP: Anders Behring Breivik (37) gets all incoming and outgoing correspondence is checked, and approx. 15 % of the letters are stopped – in essence, the letter that the Norwegian Correctional services considers to be able contribute to building a høyreekstremt network. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet Show more

- I will not live a life without him, she said in the interview, where she appeared under the pseudomymet “Victoria”.

- Will wait forever

the Woman, who lives in a small town in Sweden, has told that she came in contact with Breivik in 2007, when they both played the browsergame “World of Warcraft”. She had a close relationship with him until 2009, when he finished the contact – allegedly because he would not become too emotionally involved.

So did she him in the media after the terror attacks 22. July 2011, and although she was shocked, was the emotional tiltrenkningen.

I feel as strongly for him as I did eight years ago. He is the only person I ever loved. And Anders has expressed his love for me. I will wait forever if needed, said the woman to the AFP.

- Very detailed

During the trial, which, for practical and security reasons go in Skien prison, where Breivik is serving his forvaringsdom, shows that the “Victoria” bl.a. have sent the terrorist an erotic short story with her and him in the roles.

- It is a very detailed description of how she looks for a sexual contact between her and him. In and of itself well-written, notes the attorney.

Think Breivik using the trial to the å nå other fascists Dagbladet Plus

It also comes to light that a number of letters between the two – mainly from him – has been stopped by the prison and probation brevkontroll. The control shall prevent Breivik in to build a høyreekstremt network.

the Contact was very comprehensive. Several letters from him to her appeared on Angus’ web site, ” says Sejersted and aiming to a well-known right-wing blogger, who shall be resident in the united STATES.

Letter to the right-wing extremist

Breivik has sued the state to have violated The european universal declaration for human rights article 8 – right to privacy – in connection with his sentence his. Brevsensuren is central to the claim, since the terrorist believes himself ytringsmessig gagged.

the State on his side points out that the vast majority of the over 4,000 letters to and from the terrorist have passed through the censorship, only approx. 15 % is stopped. Those who have been stopped, has been mainly to and from Breivik’s meningsfeller.

Prison stopped seven letters to Breivik's women. Nå to the letters under the microscope Dagbladet Plus

Meningsfellene include, bl.a. the Swedish racist mass murderer Peter Mangs, the three leaders in the american white-power organization Aryan Brotherhood and the German terrorist Beate Zchäpfe, which He called “dear sister Beate”.

“Victoria is not alone in being attracted by the terrorist. Sejersted says that a number of other women declare their love to him in a letter.

They write to him as man. On korktavla in the cell his hanging pictures they have sent, ” says the attorney.

Breivik’s lawyer Øystein Storrvik writes in his sluttinnlegg to the court that the present sensurregimet at Skien prison is too strict.

Breivik has in a period been completely cut off from sending out letters. Brevkontrollen is, moreover, so strict that he is deprived of the opportunity to form relationships through letter writing Storrvik.

OFFENSIVE: Breivik arrived at court on Tuesday and did a right-wing greeting. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet. Video: NTB Scanpix Show more Show more

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