Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 of 10 diesel-owners let the car stand – VG

Many bilpendlere in Oslo city centre came loyal injunction to leave your car on Tuesday morning, even though the Norwegian public roads administration announced that no one would be subject to charges for violation of the diesel prohibition.

Preliminary figures from the bomringselskapet Fjellinjen shows that there were 20 000 fewer dieselkjøretøyer than normal which passed the barrier in the hours from midnight and up to at 10 Tuesday morning, compared with the day before.

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Showed respect

– the Population in Oslo shows that they have respect for the order, and that they will contribute to better air quality in Oslo, norway, leave your car, say yesterday Raymond Johansen (Ap) to the VG.

The preliminary numbers show that dieseltrafikken went down by about 30 per cent in a day early. We have every reason to be grateful. Norway is convicted in THE court because the pollution has been too high. It has been absolutely essential for forceful action against those who are plagued with poor air quality, ” says byrådslederen.

–How long will the ban last?

We assume that the ban will be necessary on Wednesday, but Thursday it notified væromslag. We hope that this will only apply to a few days in the year, and that the need will be even less when lavutslippssoner and miljødifferensierte wagering is in place.

VG mean: Yes to dieselfrie days

More heavy diesel vehicles grew

According to Fjellinjen increased traffic with other drivstoffklasser with 15 percent, but total traffic was 10 per cent or 11 000 passages lower than Monday. A smaller increase in heavy dieselkjøretøyer explained by the fact that the transport of goods that usually are bigger on Tuesday morning than Monday morning.

Tuesday afternoon shows none of the traffic monitoring stations on the site luftkvalitet.info elevated pollution, but the forecast indicates higher values in the rush hour traffic on Tuesday afternoon.

the Ban has had the desired effect. The forecast was that there would be red in the morning rush hour, and it was not, as we at the INSTITUTE believe that many people have followed the call to leave your car, said kommunikasjonsjef in the NILU (Norwegian institute for air research), Christine F. Solbakken to VG on Tuesday morning.

Reject the Frp requirements

on Tuesday morning called the progress party in Oslo by kjøreforbudet for diesel cars had to be revoked immediately because the problem with air pollution is no longer acute.

But it rejects Raymond Johansen:

the progress party has always been against dieselforbudet. And it would have been nice if they only ever be able to lazy to identify with the kids who need to be indoors quite a number of days in the year because it emitted too much NoX. I am glad that people in Oslo take responsibility themselves and do not belong on the political Right.


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