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The government will scrap NRK-license – VG

the Government will scrutinize the license, but does not have a clear answer on how the NRK shall be funded in the future. TV viewers must, however, stay on to pay the license a couple of years.

– License is completely outdated. Before we only had TV, now see a lot on the iPhone and iPad, and when we pay no license. For that NRK’s support to pass, we need to get people to be with and pay. Then, we must direct it in a modern way, ” says culture Linda Hofstad Helleland (H) to VG.

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, presented she a new model for public finansering of the NRK. The government wants to submit a marked medieavgift.

– We want it to be teknologinøytral. It should not be tied to specific appliances, as it does today, ” says kulturministeren.

So outlined that she is a medieavgift can be formulated:

– It should be levied per household or per person. It will either be a husavgift, an earmarked tax, or an allocated amount per person, with the exemption of the income or other criteria. When the models are examined, they will be evaluated against the ordinary budsjettfinansiering.

Music Norway and the Norwegian grammy handed out its newly formed export prices/scholarship to Kygo - Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (24) - during an event på Gaasa in Oslo, norway. Here is culture Linda Hofstad Helleland, who stood for the actual awards ceremony. Photo: Geir Olsen, VG
Music Norway and the Norwegian grammy handed out its newly formed export prices/scholarship to Kygo – Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (24) – during an event at Gaasa in Oslo, norway. Here is culture Linda Hofstad Helleland, who stood fo r the actual awards ceremony. Photo: Geir Olsen, VG Photo: Geir Olsen, VG

It means that the NRK licence fee as we know it today should be scrapped. TELEVISION viewers, however, have not paid their last license.

– No, you get the pleasure of doing a couple of years. But then there will be an end to lisenskontrolløren on the door, laws Helleland.

the Opposition is not satisfied

the Government’s mediemelding is made to travel at express speed with. In regjeringsplattformen from Sundvollen in 2013 was that the Right and conservative party would “put forward a white paper about NRK-license and alternative payment arrangements.”

the Storting, except the progress party, said in February that they wanted to do about NRK-license to a medieskatt.

the party’s mediepolitiske spokesman, Arild Grande says there is nothing new in the proposal from the kulturministeren.

If that comes forward about the financing of NRK votes, it is not something new and just the same as the Parliament said for over half a year ago. If they don’t have any concrete proposal on the table, have they wasted over half a year without doing its job, he says to VG.

the Parliament told in march that the government shall submit a proposal to the new financing of NRK by the end of 2016, adds Grande.

expect more

the Centre party, Marit Arnstad also says to NRK that it is sad that the government has not put forward a specific funding model yet.

the Case is already examined. We had expected that the government actually came with a concrete funding model, which the Parliament could treat, ” says Arnstad, and adds:

For NRK and TV 2, it means that one must continue to live in uncertainty over funding in the future. I think that’s sad, when the parliamentary majority is ready to make a decision.

Supports the commercial player with up to 135 million

Knut Olav Åmås and Mediemangfoldsutvalget la in October, the number of possible models for the financing of the public service.

Helleland also put forward the government’s view of how commercial public service, possibly 2 TV, to be financed.

– the State will support a commercial allmennkringkaster with up to 15 million euros, approximately 135 million after today’s course, she said.

Related to this support is a number of requirements which the government will have met, among others, the head office outside Oslo, a minimum of 50 per cent English content, and the use of both variants.

– We need a so allmennkringkaster. It will ensure a real competitor to NRK. This is important for the government, says Helleland.

It is also important that people have the opportunity to see news from outside Oslo. I who is from Sør-Trøndelag know that the news in Oslo do not always agree with the way it is elsewhere in the country.

– this Is the proposal tailored for TV 2?

– Everyone can apply, and we have set criteria that makes that many can apply, says Helleland.

– Are there any other than TV 2 that can meet these requirements?

It remains to be seen. But there are several that have expressed interest, so I will follow excited with, the laws of kulturministeren.

the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande roses the government.

Good that the Government skroter the unrighteous license. We should have a system where we can contribute more according to their ability, and regardless of the platform we use, writes the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande on Twitter.

Warn against the NRK of the state budget

the Leader of the Norwegian union of journalists, Thomas Spence, seems there was a lot of good and something bad in the kulturministerens suggestions:

The good news is that the government proposes to compensate a commercial allmennkringkaster. It is important to maintain mediemangfold, jobs and the are still good and independent, English journalism, he says.

Spence thinks it is good that the government will set a ceiling for the state aid of nok 135 million. It makes that Norway don’t have to go through a long and demanding process in the Efta surveillance authority, ESA.

Journalistlederen don’t like that the government is open to consider to finance the NRK via the state budget:

It can lead to the fact that NRK is a shuttlecock in the annual budsjettprosessene. If NRK is a victim of the changing climate, it is a very unpredictable and cluttered situation, believes Spence.

– more easily shocked

The union of journalists sets out also very critical to a finansierieng over the state budget.

We are more easily shocked that the government will consider a finanisering over the state budget. Such a solution is, in our opinion, the worst option, with respect to The independence. NRKJ expect that it is a medieavgift that ensures editorial independence with a clear distinction between the government and the BBC, writes national union of journalists on its website.

NRKJ also warns against the Finnish model with tax per person.

Experience is that it provides less degree of independence, and predictability by changing governments frequently changed the tax level, enter the organization.


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