Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Skei Grande contrive on the new grip – NRK

An exceptionally tough stortingshøst have been Left leader Trine Skei Grande to brush up on the old dream of a government consisting of Right, Left, and Christian democratic Party. Ahead of the election in the autumn it should be shiny blank.

it is not at all certain that the Left will go into a new cooperation agreement with a Right/conservative party-the government. The matter comes up on most items in the spring, where the party should make decisions about choices after the election of 2017.

– It may well be that we end up with a decision which is in Progress, that we do not support a different government than the one we’re in, ” said Grande to the NTB.

Punished by voters

From the conservative party-hold has Left the leader had to bear characteristics such as “sutreparti”, “roaring mouse” and “klimainkvisitor”. That she will not comment. And while the progress party is surging ahead in the latest opinion polls, it is the Left which now meets the A-effect: The more measurements before christmas found the party under the sperregrensa.

at the same time, the Left never had as much power as we have now. Never had so much attention, even when we were in government, ” says Grande, and lists klimasatsingen, lærerløftet and action against poor children, as free kindergarten.

This is the cases that we have fought in. Who would have thought that we would get the Frp to increase the drivstoffavgiftene? But the challenge in samarbeidsformen is that we just think on the issues we disagree about, ” she says.


– Are the victories you mention large enough to make up for that conservative party is surging ahead and has put in place the strictest asylpolitikken in Norwegian history?

We often get the blame for to be the guarantor for (Sylvi) Listhaugs innstramminger on asylfeltet. But it was Ap who voted for innstrammingene and created the majority. We were against, ” says Grande.

Cooperation with the government was enough a scratch with statsrådsskiftet before christmas.

What do you think about that Frp has inserted a klimafornekter as a minister?

I have no thoughts about. I am most disappointed by the prime minister.

– How much have personkjemi to say for whom you work with?

It has probably greater importance than you might think, ” says Grande.


But that chemistry come into play when it comes to the Left’s rejection of the Ap-leder Jonas Gahr Støres constant attempts to seduce, reject the she cash. It’s all about politics.

– In matters that are important to us, as asylum-kommunesammenslåing and now last finansskatten, we have invited the Labour party to be with and form alternatively the plural. But when select the Ap to go along with the government. Every single time, turning she fixed and put a gingerbread in his mouth.

– This has amazed me most in this election period. I would have thought that the Labour party would have made it more difficult for us to stand in the cooperation by inviting the us when it was difficult between the us and the coalition parties. But every time it happens, so select the Ap government, ” says Grande, knowing that out in the fylkeslagene, there are several that think the grass seems greener on the rødgrønn page.

School important

during The christmas season, she has breathed out and brought the forces to the upcoming election. Here are skolepolitikk once again an important issue for the Left.

For me personally has school always been the main issue, ” says the former teacher from Overhalla. She will fight for a new lærerløft with better salary increases for teachers.

– The main frihetsreformen is to give all kids an equal start in life and equal opportunities to develop themselves. A good school works on almost everything, ” she says.


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