Friday, December 30, 2016

Man (78) found dead in a manhole at the road in Gjemnes – Aftenposten

Police are investigating the death as suspicious.

78-year-old was reported missing 1. christmas day and found dead at the Dønnem along the main road on the stretch between Batnfjordsøra and Torvikbukt. He has ties to Gjemnes, but lives somewhere else.

the Circumstances surrounding the death are still not clarified, despite the fact that it is made an autopsy, and we have taken etterforskningsskritt. We cannot rule out the possibility that it has happened something criminal. Therefore, we would like now is feedback from those who have been in the area, for example if they has been running along the road, in the current time period, ” says politifullmektig Anders Scab-Trøen in the county of Møre and Romsdal police district to the NTB.

the autopsy report gave no clear answer on what may have tilstøtt man. The police have no evidence that speaks for that a medical or other health-related reason may be linked to the death.

– Dropped in the stream

Earlier Gjemnes-mayor Johan Neergaard was 78-year-old on a visit before he disappeared. He says to meet the Requirements that he believes the man received an injury and fell in the creek before he was found dead in a manhole on the lower side of the main road.

– It is the most probable, ” says Neergaard.

We ask now that the Norwegian public roads administration to set up a mesh in front of the tube. Such accident can happen again when the stream goes large, for example with animals, believe Neergaard.

According to the newspaper is the tube that leads the water under the road is narrow, under a halvmeter in diameter. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that a person can pass through.

Ask for tips

Police ask anyone who found themselves between Batnfjordsøra and Torvikbukt between the hours of 18.30 and 19.30 1. christmas day about to take contact.

the Man was going to go a relatively short distance from a residential building to another, but never came forward. He was wearing a reflective vest when he was found. It was set in motion a search group consisting after the police received a message that he was missed at 20.30 on Sunday evening. When had relatives already searched for him in a few hours, according to NRK.

It was relatively bad weather in the area on the evening of 1. christmas day with rain, wind and some snow.

Both the site, the preliminary autopsy report and the investigation makes the police cannot rule out the possibility that it has happened something punishable.

Politidistriktet have been in contact with Anders, but will until further notice continue the investigation on their own.

– If we contact Anders again, we will ask for both technical and tactical assistance, ” says the Crust-Trøen.


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