Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rare weather phenomenon over the Fosen Fosna People

the Phenomenon is called perlemorskyer, and was observed in several places on Fosen new year’s eve.

Rare sight

According to the statsmeteorolog Frode Hassel to NRK is this a relatively rare sight. The clouds are located high up in the atmosphere, as high as 25 to 30 kilometers.

Why perlemorskyene appeared on the Fosen new year’s eve is probably due to the strong wind that devastated the peninsula on Friday night. Phenomenon occurs, namely, often when the wind blows a lot in the lower level of the atmosphere.

Hard to see in the daylight

According to Hazel, it is easiest to see perlemorskyene a while before sunrise, possibly after sunset. They are difficult to see in full daylight, when the colors are blurred by the fact that the sky is brighter.

new year’s Eve, there were several who sent in photos of the beautiful clouds to the Fosna People. Many have also taken in use emneknaggen #fosnafolket on Instagram. A small handful of them you can see at the top of the case.


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